The value of business networking

When your eCommerce company is at the top of its game, there is a possibility that you may lose sight of the importance of networking, the value that adds onto your online business; as well as sustaining stability of your brand.

Why? Well, perhaps you are fully clued up on who is best to keep in touch with, whether that be for industry insight or extra support, and so you may no longer wish to prioritise networking as that's what paved the way to your position as an industry leader in the first place. But, it is imperative to stress that networking, no matter which stage your eCommerce business is in, adds incredible value to your business.

Networking: the creator of opportunity

Opportunities can come a'knocking at any time; whether that be within your personal career life cycle, or that of your eCommerce business'. Ultimately, meeting up with leaders and fellow peers within your industry can unlock such opportunities for you.

What we're saying is: it really does not matter if you are a start-up whose goals are to grow and emerge into new markets, or whether your eCommerce company is an industry leader looking to acquire new and exciting talent; business networking can assist you in achieving those goals whilst adding value to your business.

Some particularly key advantages of business networking include:

  • The opportunity to impart your industry insights and professional wisdom, so you can assist your fellow peers throughout their journey towards growth. Thus, further establishing your business as a flagship within your sector.
  • The ability to connect with professional mentors and create contacts within your field that may be able to aid you in problem solving a specific issue that your business may be currently facing.
  • Being able to create buzz or awareness surrounding a particular trend or a new technological advancement your company has started; conversely you can keep abreast and updated with any new industry news

Let's connect

So, we've covered a few overarching benefits that networking can bring to your eCommerce business at any stage. It's now time look at a couple of the best online platforms for business networking.

Get your app store at the ready, let's go!

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)-1Let's start off with the most popular (and perhaps the best) professional networking platform: LinkedIn. Now, we know everyone who's reading this, and their mum, will have a LinkedIn account. It allows you to discover new talent, share industry insight and internal business successes too.


MicrosoftTeams-image (1)-3

Do you have an international brand? Xing is a professional platform that is more popular in the US and European countries, so it's perfect for you to connect with others in your industry who also have an international customer base. You can post job opportunities, stay abreast of industry news and join groups with other professionals to share ideas too!


MicrosoftTeams-image (3)-3Community forums are actually one of the easiest ways to network with others in your industry. Using Google Ads's forum as an example, if you wish to learn more about using Google Ad's or online advertising in general you can pose your questions and have them answered within the community.


Never stop networking

Time for the moral of the story: it is super important to never stop networking. Yes, networking is good for the practicalities such as searching for jobs or job prospects and reading about up-to-date industry news etc. However, networking is ultimately the best way to add value to your eCommerce company; from what's mentioned above, to expanding your brand presence within your industry or, indeed, sustaining it and mentoring others.

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