You worked hard to get here

You did it! You grew into the mature eCommerce business you are now. Yet, you may not be aware of the signs that you are, in fact, an influencer in your industry.

From creating exceptional content for your audiences, to establishing and sustaining good relationships with your industry peers, here are some of the key signs that your business is a key industry influencer. Not quite there yet? Don't worry, read on for advice on how to optimise your current influencing strategy.

1: You see consistently high ROI from your content

All that thought-leadership content you’ve been putting out, whether that be in the form of blogs or social posts, was the perfect way for your business to become influential. Particularly, if you are seeing that content reach a high ROI - and this may seem a tad self explanatory - but a higher ROI via content marketing means that what you are putting out there is being positively received and engaged with by those audiences that you were wishing to target. Subsequently, your audiences are clearly loving your content and are actually acting on it, thus boosting your business and your business’s profile within your industry. We think that’s pretty influential, don’t you think?

2: It's all about the socials

500 followers one day, 2.5 million the next? Maybe it works like that for some, but perhaps it didn't work for you like that. Creating a dedicated team that devotes 100% care and attention into building your social media platforms up, is the best way you could've become an influencer.

If you are seeing sustained high engagement, increases in your following, or perhaps your content is being shared by either your audience or others in your industry, then consider yourselves to be the influencers. Seeing these results are super exciting, and you worked hard for them - so now you have achieved influential status, keep creating what sparked it. Create more out-of-the-box campaigns, or whatever worked for your business. 

3: Successes, sparked by you 

One last sign that you are one of the key influencers in your industry, is your audiences sharing with others how you may have helped them - whether that be through your product, your service or even through the insightful content you have no doubt been posting on your socials. 

Whatever it may be, seeing other people's successes or happiness caused by your business is nothing short of amazing. If you do not already, perhaps consider sharing some of these success stories. Not only is that a great way to include user generated content into your marketing strategy, but this may boost your influence to new heights. Others will look at what your business created for someone else and they will want a slice of the pie.

Keep going and growing!

No matter the stage your eCommerce company is in, it's always important to keep learning and growing and, in these instances, influencing! Now you know the signs, could the influence you hold in your industry be strengthened by a trustworthy fulfilment provider, then look no further than fulfilmentcrowd.


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