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Feel like you're struggling?

As we get closer to World Mental Health Day, we wanted to talk about your mental health and how practicing mindfulness can help to ease any worries, anxieties or challenges you may be faced with.

Our primary focus here is how mindfulness can be practiced in the workplace, but they can be used in any other situation where you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

So, what does it mean to be mindful?

The practice of mindfulness is not all meditation and repeating elongated “ohm’s” until calmness ensues. (Although if this works for you, go for it!) Being mindful can be as simple as merely focussing on your breath.The meaning of mindfulness stems from our human ability to be completely present and aware of our actions in the present moment.

So, let us guide you through how you can be mindful during moments of unease. We’ve got you!

Get comfy, grab a cuppa and let’s get into it!

3 ways to practice mindfulness at work23 ways to practice mindfulness at work 13 ways to be mindful at work1

And breathe out...

We know that we are talking about breathing a lot here, but it is one of the main ways in which we can be mindful during any workplace situation that makes you feel stressed or anxious in some way. Maybe you have a deadline that you are running behind on. A dilemma that only the best of us have been through and learned from!

If panic begins to set in, try focussing on breathing in for three, holding for three and exhaling for six.

By concentrating on the duration of each breath, even for a minute or two, you will notice your heart rate starts to return to normal and a wave of calm washes over you. Keep this technique in mind when you need it most.


Take five

Another way in which we can be more mindful at work is through taking small, regular breaks. By doing this a couple of times a day, means that we are not burning out on our busiest days, as well as freeing up some headspace to get the productive and creative juices flowing!

Alas, we are not just talking about taking 5 minutes every 2-4 hours to scroll on your socials or to answer some personal emails – we mean a real break! Maybe try a 5-minute guided meditation or just make a cup of tea whilst practicing your breath-work. Whatever works best for you!


Mindful commuting

Most of us will have a commute to and from work, whether it be long or short. Can you be mindful on your commute home you may be asking? Absolutely! And here is how: 

Being mindful on your commute is key particularly when it comes to setting boundaries for yourself, so that your mind knows when it is time to switch off from a hard day’s work and wind down for the evening or weekend. 

Now, try switching off your phone and simply be. If you find this silence to be a little deafening, try a calming playlist or a podcast that you find super engaging! 

Alternatively, if you can keep your phone switched off, try listing things that you are sensing. For example, ask yourself what you are hearing, seeing or feeling. This allows you to be fully present and mindful in the moment. Your mind will wander, but that is okay! Recognise your drifting focus and bring it back to your senses. 

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