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Since the launch of our Lorax Project, which tracks our progress to becoming a fully sustainable order fulfilment provider, we’ve been on a mission to prove this assumption wrong. Not only does a sustainable business strategy secure cost savings for your business; read on to discover the top five benefits for your eCommerce business.

1. Improve your bottom line

Sustainability and productivity can actually go hand in hand, especially where your overheads are concerned. Just transferring from halogen to LED bulbs across your offices, warehouses and other buildings can save energy consumption and costs by up to 90%, slashing CO2 emissions in the process. Sourcing your energy from a renewable supplier is an added bonus, which you can promote to your customer base while you watch your savings roll in.

2. Better your brand reputation

Presenting yourself as a sustainable retailer is an increasingly attractive proposition in today’s climate. Ethically sourcing your products and donating a percentage of profits to sustainable causes is sure to draw the right attention from consumers who care about their environmental footprint, securing an additional competitive advantage and increasing traffic to your site. Consider running cross-channel campaigns promoting your brand as one of the only sustainable suppliers within your chosen industry.

3. Fueling innovation

Popular problems fuel creative solutions, and there are a host of innovative products, services and technology across the eCommerce industry as a result of a search for sustainable alternatives. Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we applied artificial intelligence to a unique, international network of partner centres. Decentralizing the distribution of our customer’s stock across this network, and dispatching orders from the site closest to the consignee, we combine sustainability with performance by:

  • Turning latent infrastructure into optimized warehouse capacity
  • Offering international, next-day delivery for our clients
  • Saving on CO2 emissions.

4. Employee retention and talent

It’s pretty simple- great causes attract great talent. Fuel the future of your organization by embedding something that everyone cares about into your corporate culture. Not only will you attract a menagerie of skilled and like-minded individuals- your existing workforce will also be proud to be a part of your business. Morale is more of a grey area than black-and-white when it comes to quantifying the success of a company, but it’s well worth investing in. After all, high levels of morale = greater outcomes.

5. You’ll eventually be required to do it

Governments are already under immense pressure to act against the damage caused by masses of plastic and carbon waste. In January this year, HM Treasury published a ‘Sustainability Reporting Guidance’ document, stating that businesses must legally report their energy expenditure, volume of waste and travel emissions on a compulsory basis, while also urging the same companies to actively incorporate more sustainable practices into their strategy. It’s only a matter of time until tougher regulations are imposed, and online retailers will have to exhibit their own adoption of sustainable practices, like eco-friendly packaging, into their operations. Leading by example and going green by choice today saves the stress of becoming sustainable by law, later.

Join our Lorax Project

Whether you’re toying with the idea of sustainability or have never considered it before, we hope that we’ve provided plenty of reasons for eCommerce businesses to invest in a more environmentally responsible business strategy. If you happen to be an online retailer looking into sustainable order fulfilment solutions, then look no further.  Our Lorax Project page features our sustainable objectives, progress and environmentally-friendly fulfilment solutions on offer to eCommerce businesses, such as biodegradable packaging and low-emissions delivery.

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