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3 reasons you should set up a blog for your business

by Katie Shepherd


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Did you know that 60% of marketers say that blog creation is their number one priority when it comes to marketing their business? Its no secret that setting up a blog for your business can be a particularly profitable investment. Dedicating time to writing and publishing articles regularly has numerous benefits. Youll have the opportunity to create conversations with your customers and provide valuable information that can help, educate or inspire them.

If youre not regularly updating your website, visitors have no real reason to come back to you. Adding a blog to your website provides a gateway for people to visit your website, and it gives your business a clear platform to publish new content on. Its this fresh content that can both entice new customers and keep your existing customers loyal.

There are plenty of reasons to start sharing content on your website. Here are three of the main ones.

1) It helps you attract new relevant traffic to your website

Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website, without the expenditure of paid search ads, social media advertising or email marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, your business wants to drive sales, but this is only possible if people actually know about your brand.

You may offer great products or services, but you cant rely on visitors specifically choosing to visit your website (either by typing in your URL or clicking through from a bookmarked link). Instead, by shaping content on topics related to your business offering and sector, you can drive brand awareness through appearing in search results and simultaneously earn an audience to put your products in front of.

If your business markets electronics, you could consider writing content on the latest tech trends, product comparisons and reviews, or troubleshooting advice. Every time you write a blog article, you get a chance to appear in the search results for related queries, thus opening your content and business up to a wider audience.

One of the brilliant things about blogging is that your articles can have the power to drive organic traffic all year round, with visitors landing on your website who have never heard of your brand or services before.

As well as search engines, you can amplify your blog content across your business social media channels and in your email marketing efforts. This allows you to open up your business offering across multiple platforms, to better attract and drive traffic back to your website.

2) It enables you to build trust and loyalty with your target customers

Building strong relationships with your customers is incredibly important. Youll want to attract new customers but youll also want to retain existing customers. Harnessing customer trust and loyalty are some of the primary criteria to business success.

By creating a blog, you will be able to inject personality and a voice into your business, to portray a more human approach. After all, people dont put trust in businesses: they put trust in other people. Providing valuable content that is designed to help your target audience is a stepping stone for garnering trust. You can directly communicate and engage with potential and existing customers, becoming a friendly voice they will return to again and again for information or advice.

Blogging lets you enrich a customers experience, making them far more likely to put their trust into your business and commit to a sale if not now, at a later date. If you are visibly making the effort to address your customers queries or pain-points, it can really help to prove yourself as a business. Customers will appreciate your desire to help them, rather than taking the traditional hard sales approach. According to a report by Demand Gen in 2016, 47% of buyers viewed between three and five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

You can still incorporate your sales goals into the content you create though blogging gives you a more subtle entrance for data capture. Consider adding an email signup form at the bottom of your blog articles, or a download form for additional, related content, or use gated content so that visitors need to provide their contact details in return for access to the full content.

3) It allows you to showcase your industry knowledge and thought-leadership

In the same way that customers are more likely to put their trust in a business that takes a human approach, companies that assert their expertise can beat their competition to sales. The online market is becoming ever more competitive, so its important to ask yourself why potential customers should choose you over a competitors business.

Showcasing your industry knowledge and positioning your business as a thought-leader in your sector makes prospective customers far more likely to engage with you and eventually commit to a sale. Theres no better or simpler platform to display your knowledge than through your websites blog.

Covering news stories related to your industry, providing in-depth focus pieces that look at the changes to and the future of your sector, or discussing and offering an opinion on current industry topics are all ways to keep your pulse on whats happening and prove your worth as a business.

By sharing profound insight and expertise, youll become a credible resource, an authority figure, and your customers first choice for information.

In fact,96% of B2B buyers specifically desire more input from industry thought-leaders, citing this as a key driving force behind whether they would do business with a company or not.

Start Your Business Blogging Strategy

Before you get started with your business blog, its important to work out a content strategy that fits within your wider business strategy. Make sure you have a blogging framework to follow so that your blog is regularly updated. Depending on your capacity, outline the number of articles per week or month, and plan ahead by creating an editorial calendar with content ideas you are going to cover.

Implementing this structure from the start will make your blogging strategy easier to follow and will ensure that it stays front-of-mind, so that it can be as successful as possible.

At Exact Abacus we specialise in streamlining websites by implementing powerful content management tools, so that you can get the most out of your content efforts.Get in touch with a member of our teamto find out more about our ecommerce packages.

by Katie Shepherd on 23/03/2017

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