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Are you able to meet customer demand?

by Tanya Wasiuta


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Running your own business whether a start-up, SME or a multi-million pound business can often be demanding especially if you’re experiencing rapid growth with a huge influx of orders.

Taking advantage of selling via multiple channels means that you are providing a wider platform for your market to purchase from you whether it be Amazon, eBay or your on-line shop. As much as this provides a wider scope to increase your brand awareness and allow customers to shop from different multi-channels; this can often cause problems in ensuring you’re able to meet customer demand, after all if you’re receiving a rapid influx of orders, do you have solutions in place to handle these orders, keep track of stock levels but more importantly fulfil your customers order?

In a dog-eat-dog world if you can’t meet customer demand than your competitors will quickly gain customers as you weren’t able to meet their needs. Which in some cases can be the difference between success and failure.

Guaranteeing you can meet customer orders is key to driving successful performance, customer retention and sales growth.

When it comes to running your own business, whether it’s your sole job or your still working a 9-5 whilst trying to manage your eCommerce store, can not only be demanding but can also be stressful as you’re trying to manage orders, stock, sales, run campaigns on your marketing channels etc.


Can you deal with the significant influx of orders, manage all your back office procedures ensuring you can meet customer demand?

If your answer is NO… you’re ready for a back office solution that will bring all your business processes together to help you take control and maximise your business potential; here are the top three benefits:

1.Dynamic Marketplace Management

Manage sales and stock availability across all your marketplaces so that you’ll never over sell again.

2.Automate your order Management

With sales order management it automates decision making processes to help you focus on those orders which are available to dispatch. If in some cases sufficient stock is not available, the order will be put into a ‘back order area’ until stock is available to fulfil that order. Once available the system will allocate stock to those back orders, releasing them for picking without the need for manual intervention.

3.Keep track of your Purchasing:

With supply chain management it allows you to keep track of purchasing. Purchase orders can be automatically generated based on current stock position, back orders and re-order levels. Allowing for the most efficient supply chain ensuring you always have the stock to fulfil your orders.

So if you’re looking to automate your back office process then find out how 3EX.NET can spark a mini revolution into your business by taking over all your marketplaces, sales and stock.

No one can predict how fast your business will grow, but make sure you are ready when it does.

by Tanya Wasiuta on 02/06/2015

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