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How to master the trending hashtag: The eclipse example

by Jennifer McMillen


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As most of you will be aware today we had the best solar eclipse since 1999. With the next one set to be 2026 it becomes quite a talking point. The great thing about national/global events like these is they’re a great platform to promote your business and get your name seen by thousands. Today we’re looking at how companies use the power of the trending Twitter hashtag to increase awareness using the eclipse and an example.

Recap: How hashtags work

Hashtags work by linking your tweet to a word or phrase. By doing this anyone then searching for that word or phrase has the chance of seeing your post. So if you are posting a tweet about a new drill you want to sell, let’s say, then you could hashtag it with #drill #DIY #renovation #tools etc. etc. Then anyone who is interested in these terms (By which I mean your target audience) has more of a chance of being exposed to your brand.

Use hashtags that relate to your business and industry for a better conversion rate
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Piggybacking Trending hashtags #eclipse2015

Today we saw a great example of how you can piggyback ‘trending’ hashtags. You can find trending terms on Twitter on the left hand side of your homepage. These are phrases that thousands of people are currently talking about and therefore more likely to be searched. You can plan for these in advance, for example we all knew the eclipse was coming, so by planning and preparing your tweet all you need to do is assign the trending hashtag to it to gain more exposure. In this case #eclipse2015 was the trending tag. This also occurs for big sporting events (#superbowl), Seasonal (#Christmas), TV show launches (#GoT), etc. Although we recommend you use hashtags that relate to your business and industry for a better conversion rate, this tactic is great for increasing exposure to a large blanket audience. It works even better if you can tie it in with your business and interject some humour like Super League, Persil and Bubble Footy 2015 have done below.

The extra mile

Have some fun with it. Twitter is a social platform and hard sells don’t work well. Be funny and casual. Innocent and BBC, for example, went one better and changed their Twitter icon to be more topical… Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.12.11 Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.16.45

and everything else

If all else fails or you forgot to prep, you can always give a glimpse into your business by showing staff and behind-the-scenes shots or even advice and tips like the examples below…

by Jennifer McMillen on 20/03/2015

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