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More online retailers #jointhecrowd

by Liz Churm


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The growth of our client base is showing no signs of slowing down this quarter, with particular interest in our eCommerce integration platform, as well as our universal tariff. As our new starters settle in, keep reading to find more about them and their reasons for joining the crowd.


Pro-hormones are an online retailer of Liverpudlian origin, selling a vast range of bodybuilding supplements across an extensive selection of brand names. Designed to rapidly increase muscle mass and strength while reducing fat, the products they sell are tailored towards competing body builders aiming to be at the top of their game.

A growing business, JSML needed to outsource a portion of their fulfilment to meet growing consumer demand. Our fulfilmentcrowd promise consists of a policy of no contracts or minimums, and it was this that won JSML over. Having never outsourced their products, JSML were reluctant to subscribe to a 6-month agreement with a logistics provider. Therefore, our pay-as-you-go, monthly debit pricing method was the perfect solution for Pro-hormones to grow while keeping both parties minds at rest. 

Dr Alex’s Science-Sense Health Store Ltd

We’re sure a lot of people could vouch for how difficult it is to navigate the landscape of healthcare products, finding those that truly have wellbeing at the heart of what they do. Now, imagine if you had a doctor’s eye. Our new client, Dr Alex, set up her online business consisting of a considered selection of health, homecare, baby care and pet care products.

Selling through Shopify websites and marketplaces including Amazon UK/EU, it was our eCommerce integration platform that made outsourcing their fulfilment through us so appealing.

Aspire Wear

Aspire Wear sells stylish men’s activewear, ideal for both the gym and every day wear. Their brand name was born to represent the aspiration to improve, and as a blossoming business, Aspire Wear decided they needed to outsource their fulfilment when they began dispatching over 80 orders a week.

Needing a fulfilment centre that could integrate with Shopify’s platform, our eCommerce integration software was the perfect fit. Since going live, Aspire Wear now have the freedom to grow their business by focusing on new products and strategy, while our platform oversees the logistics of the supply-chain, order processing and delivery of their stock.

UK Moondo Ltd

Moondo sell a selection of baby décor including clothing, organic and educational toys across a range of brands. Originally operating in-house, their growing business caused logistics to become overwhelming and confusing as their order demand increased.

Moondo also decided on a strategic restructure, with a move from B2B to B2C. This, combined with a decision to start promoting their new, own-branded products, left them in need of a reliable fulfilment provider with an excellent software platform. Moondo were impressed with the wide range of fulfilment services and features within our integrated network, and have become our most recent client to go live. This comes ahead of a move to Dubai for Moondo’s proud owner, Alex Teixeira, who is now rest assured that they have a trusted provider to store, pack and distribute their stock, without having a physical team in the UK.

by Liz Churm on 28/07/2018

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