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The future of retail

by Jennifer McMillen


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The future of retail

As an eCommerce services provider, staying ahead of the curve and keeping an eye on the future of commerce whether on or offline, is essential to the delivery of our service and crafting new features that meet the demands of the market. So when we stumbled across this article from the BBC we had to share it.

The BBC have created a snapshot of some technologies that are in the process of being designed or are actually in use. This vision of retail is the business equivalent of Back to the Future, and some of it will undoubtedly change the retail landscape as we know it.

These are a few of our favourites:

  • Smart labelling

    Embedding electronics into product labels and using NFC (near field communication) to notify customers of freshness, allergy information and even what wine would suit the items in their basket! It sounds farfetched but we already use NFC in our contactless bank cards and the iPhone6’s Apple Pay)

  • Minority Report

    TIt is predicted that a consumers shopping activities, store footfall and most popular areas will be a lot easier to track with in store sensors. The devices collate all of the shopper’s data, converting it into a comprehensive tool to assess the performance of the store and to provide data to support future buying and merchandising decisions.

    This technology is already under trial in a number of shops on Regent Street, London, using iBeacon to push offers and promotions to anyone near the bluetooth sensor. Imagine having a potential customer walk past your business only to have a discount code appear on their phone, or even offer a large, time-sensitive discount that consumers can’t resist before the opportunity to redeem it runs out.

  • Virtual Dressing Rooms

    Magic Mirror is the first step towards a virtual dressing room. Here customers can digitally try on clothes without the effort of actually having to put them on! The mirror tracks the users body position and then overlays the chosen product onto the customer.

    Or why not take a look into who offer a plethora of technology based retail services including e-tags to provide the customer with more information on the item. Think along the lines of outfit suggestions based around that item and lifestyle photos. The option to buy online is then provided, as many shoppers take advantage of offers and promotional codes that they search for online.

To read about more future tech for retailers, visit the BBC article here.

by Jennifer McMillen on 10/10/2014

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