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Why 2018 is the best year to celebrate National Organic Month

by Liz Churm


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It’s National Organic Month and what better time to celebrate than this year, with a market worth finally beating the pre-recession 2008 figure of £2.1 billion. Successfully topping this figure after 10 years, the value of the UK organic market has finally recovered and is now reported to be worth £2.2 billion, as revealed by the SOIL Association’s 2018 Market Report.  

Assessing the spread of sales across all retail mediums, Clare McDermott, Business Development Director of SOIL Association credits this growth over the past couple of years to the rise of online shopping. “Driven by convenience, an ever-broader range of choice and by younger generations entering the market”, demand for home delivery services such as box schemes is larger than ever; their market value rose by 9.5% to £286 million in 2017.

The size increase of this niche sector has caused a consequent shift in the design of both warehouse storage layout and business strategy for fulfilment providers like ourselves. At fulfilmentcrowd we are SOIL certified, adhering to strict storage and labelling procedures for all organic products. For customers also opting for subscription box fulfilment, we provide a tailored solution to the pack and dispatch service of these items. By working alongside our clients to run variable delivery cycles in addition to custom packaging, we help them to meet high expectations for both dispatch performance and customer service. Offering complete flexibility, we assist them in achieving that convenient “farm-to-door” approach to fulfilment that has become so popular in the organic market sector, beating the alternative option of supermarket shopping.

The organic ‘boom’ isn’t just present within the food and drink sectors- it also extends to encompass health and beauty products. Happy fulfilmentcrowd client Tumeric Vitality, retailing organic turmeric supplement capsules as well as client Setunea, manufacturing organic soap made from virgin oil, are two of many online retailers that have contributed to a huge 24% increase in sales for the sector over the past year.

This was surpassed only by the textiles industry, as organic eCommerce businesses- such as client UKMoondo who sell organic babies’ toys and clothing - are also becoming ever more prominent, leading to a resulting sales increase of 25% in the organic textiles sector.

 Our Matrix Park warehouse is our centre of excellence for online fashion and clothing fulfilment. Our white glove facilities such as designated hanging areas and special totes allow us to ship hundreds of clothing items daily. Combined with our rigorous internal procedures for organic orders, all clothing within this specialist sector is stored and handled separately by our trained workforce, leaving our clients and their customers rest assured.

With no signs of slowing, shopping organic is now more popular than ever, making it an ideal market for online retailers to invest in. If you’re an eCommerce business already in this boat and are looking to outsource your organic fulfilment to a trusted, high-performing provider, then get in touch today via our contact form.

by Liz Churm on 17/09/2018

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