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Optimise your customer experience

The mind still boggles at what technology can do for us nowadays. A Google assistant can boil the kettle when you wake up in the morning. Alexa can help you read your child a bedtime story. Siri lives in our back pockets ready to guide us to our desired destination or to set a timer while your chips are in the oven.

The idea of artificial intelligence was once the stuff of sci-fi films starring Will Smith...and now we have access to our own personal assistant anywhere. So, what about bringing the joys of artificial intelligence into the ever-changing world of fashion eCommerce? Well, this may be where it's headed.

Consumers nowadays don’t just have a soul need to find an item, like it and then purchase it. Now, it is all about enhancing the consumer experience and personalising their journey from A to B to C. If you’re intrigued about all the ways that AI has been adopted into enhancing fashion eCommerce sites, keep reading!


"Alexa, can you be my personal shopper?"

An AI virtual assistant or personal shopper is an innovative way to integrate this emerging trend into your fashion eCommerce business, as well as simplifying your consumers’ overall buying experience! 

AI virtual assistants can take many forms: a live chat agent that helps customers with any qualms or queries, for instance. However, one way you can apply AI assistance to your fashion eCommerce site is through visual recognition. So, someone likes a pair of joggers on your site and adds them to their cart...great! Visual recognition with AI then shows them what would pair well with that item, so they can create the perfect outfit that maybe they hadn’t thought of before!

how artificial intelligence meets fashion eCommerceSource image: ASOS.com

Upcoming trends alert!

For fashion eCommerce businesses, it is imperative that upcoming trends are predicted and then implemented into next season’s line. What if AI can do that for you? 

By monitoring social media, other data sources and learning from similar historical behaviours and its outcomes, AI might be used to anticipate the next fashion trend. These findings could be used to advise buying departments on which products to order or what marketing campaigns to launch. 

This ultimately enhances your CX further. By using AI to get ahead of the curve and predict these upcoming trends, you’re exceeding your customers’ expectations due to meeting their needs before anyone else. Fabulous!


‘What can I help you with today?’

We briefly mentioned live chat agents before, but this element of AI is nothing to be sniffed at. Your online retail store must meet and, if possible, exceed your customers’ expectations of their own CX. Consumers want to connect with a business in real time when making a purchase, much like they would with a sales representative in a physical store.

With AI, you can help your consumers by introducing an automated chat capability to your store, responsible for answering their questions and queries when placing an order. This provides consumers with the sense that your company is always there for them, no matter what the time is.

So, when a customer of yours is having a late-night retail-therapy session after a long day, your AI is on hand to make their shopping spree that little bit better. We would say that definitely makes for an enhanced CX, wouldn’t you?

How artificial intelligence meets fashion eCommerceSource image: Zara.com/uk

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