When we consider the strength of an organization, we often think of brand reputation, salaries and work perks like private dental care. However, a hugely underrated aspect of the workplace, one that fails to receive due recognition, is culture. By culture, we mean the intangible environment that either breeds or kills creativity, and either retains or disassociates hard working staff from a company.

A good idea to get a gage how your staff initially feel about their job is to send a quick satisfaction survey, encouraging staff to speak out on anything they would like to see improved at their place of work. This is something that we recently undertook here at fulfilmentcrowd, and based on our experience, we’re here to offer examples of crucial things to consider when trying to cultivate a unique, positive and constructive culture at your organisation:

Encouraging tight-knit bonds

It may feel odd to focus on the creation of great relationships between colleagues, and it is something you can’t forge. However, the truth is that if you set up internal procedures underpinned to encourage team-work, internal training and peer support across departments, the rest will follow. Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we promote regular training sessions, in which colleagues lend both their skillset and insight on specific areas of the business to whomever feels they would benefit- these efforts have clearly paid off, with 95% of our team agreeing to have positive relations with colleagues. Encouraging social events, team nights out and charity fundraising activities outside of work are just some of the ways in which culture inside of the office will improve.

Independence and empowerment over micro-management

Shockingly, a huge 60% of employees report being micromanaged at some point in their professional lives, with 43% of these claiming that as the most frustrating aspect of their role, they plan to quit their current position within two years. These numbers represent a huge loss of talent that has otherwise gone wasted due to lack of motivation. Empowering your staff with the freedom to make work related decisions instils a great level of trust. This is not only likely to lead to an improvement in the quality of their work, but also the personal, professional aspirations and self-confidence of each individual staff member. We’re proud to announce that 88% of our staff feel regularly empowered to make decisions regarding their work, overall making for a more productive workforce and thus improving the progress of the organisation as a whole.

Offer structure

Although not initially, calling the responsibilities of their job role into question will undoubtedly lead your staff to eventually question their own abilities, and whether they even fit within the organisation at all. It’s imperative that your staff understand exactly what is expected of them, but most importantly WHY, and how their efforts contribute to the overall direction that business is heading. Offer a private sit-down with each member of staff to assess whether they feel their role and responsibilities are clearly defined, and if not, request their input on how your business can work on making this happen.

More than anything, your employees want to feel heard, and every step closer to making this happen will contribute to a positive, open-minded workplace culture- exactly where you want it to be.

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