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Get Armageddon ready, here’s how to fight the Retail Apocalypse!

by Gemma Tomlinson


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The retail apocalypse has been stealthily claiming its victims for a number of years, and 2018 has seen the demise of high street giants such as Toy ‘r’ Us, House of Fraser and Maplin. Yet, eCommerce stores such as Boohoo and ASOS have reported leaps in value and strong growth. As customers grow increasingly confident when shopping online, they are expecting more when choosing to shop online at every point of the consumer journey.

Signs point to a lack of online savviness to being a contributory factor in the collapse of some of the larger retail stores, but the more agile retailers, who have developed an omnichannel approach to serving their customers, seem to be showing growth.

An omnichannel approach to commerce ensures that the customer path to purchase is as easy as possible and is supported throughout the myriad of decisions a customer may take during their journey. For example: a grandchild may text a product recommendation to their grandparent, who may walk into a brick and mortar store to purchase it, however the grandchild may search through reviews online before finally purchasing the product through downloading the store’s dedicated app.

By providing different avenues for the customers to engage with your brand, omnichannel consumers often have more buy-in and have been proven to spend up to 4% longer in bricks and mortar stores and up to 10% longer online in omnichannel stores.

More retailers are waking up to the fact that it is essential to have a well-developed strategy in order to entice customers at every point of the customer journey, it is also essential that every part of that journey is [well-serviced]. This also includes the fulfilment process, outcome and delivery.

As the diversity of items available grows wider the requirements to ensure the product arrives in prime condition also diversifies. As an outsourced fulfilment partner, Exact Abacus ensure your specialist product handling is taken care of with dedicated facilities for alcohol, organic, ambient, fashion, high-value, and dangerous goods.

With a commitment to providing an excellent service and a great customer experience with no minimum volume and no contracts, Exact Abacus can support all online retail ventures, so that you can concentrate on growing your omnichannel retail platforms.

by Gemma Tomlinson on 14/05/2018

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