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Make your customers fall in love with your business this Valentines day

by Jennifer McMillen


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Valentines day is another great opportunity to promote your business. On February 14th, this year, a massive $20 billion is estimated to be spend on loved ones.

Did you know…
• 10% of all proposals happen on Valentines day
• 180 million Valentine’s Day cards will be exchanged
• 196 million roses will be sold; more than one in ten women will even send themselves flowers

180 million Valentine’s Day cards will be exchanged this Valentine’s Day
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So what can you do to promote your business? You may think it’s only the jewellers and flower shops that benefit from this day but even if you sell something as unromantic as power tools you can still increase sales with a Valentines day campaign so we’ve put together a few ideas to get the romance flowing…

Donate to charity

Spread the love by donating a part of your sales on Valentine’s day to a charity, you could even be more topical and choose someone like The British Heart Foundation.

This is great to build your businesses reputation and create a talking point on social media as well as making your customers feel they are doing some good by purchasing from you.

Themed promotion

Valentines day is another chance to offer a discount on a high profit item that could be sold as a gift. If you don’t think your products fit the bill try promoting your products by saying that your company loves the item instead; remember anything love related works on Valentines.

Gift wrap

Many businesses offer gift wrapping over Christmas but there’s no stopping you continuing for this special day, promote it to those last minute shoppers.

Target singles

Not everyone is loved up on Valentines so why not target the singles on Valentines. You could do this by running a ‘treat yourself’ campaign or put offers on single items like onesies or a free drink for singles. Techniques like this can set your business apart from the rest.

Gift Lists

Your product offering may not spring to mind when your customers think of Valentine’s day but by creating a gift list on your blog and promoting via email marketing and social media you can prompt your customers to consider your products as an unusual gift option for their loved one.

Promote your delivery times

Send an email out to let people know when is the latest they can buy from you to arrive in time for Valentines day, catching those last minute shoppers in the process.

Love your staff

This one maybe out of the box but why not show your staff you care as well as your customers. If your staff feel appreciated by the company they will pass on their passion to your customers which in turn creates more sales.

If you’re a small company you could send out cards saying what you appreciate about them and their work, or buy in some chocolates as a treat. Little gestures like this throughout the year can keep your staff engaging with the company and enjoying their job.


by Jennifer McMillen on 09/02/2015

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