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Movember Day 22 A blog by Ian ‘Doesn’t Grow in the Middle’ Forrester

by Austin Waddecar


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Any activity which involves raising funds and promoting knowledge for prostate and testicular cancer is always worthwhile! Research shows that 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their life.

So saving just a few minutes of my time each day by not shaving for an entire month, made signing up for Movember a no brainer.

Movember growers seem to have increased this year across the board. In our office in particular there is a noticeable increase. I can’t remember many people taking part last year but this time round the majority of Mo Bro colleagues with the right credentials have swamped the Exact Abacus office… Maybe next year eh Harry!

Hopefully we are setting the bar for participation in years to come!

Anyone who gets the chance to see my eyebrows on a regular basis will know that committing to a month of facial hair is far from risk free event for me! But 22 days into growing my Mo and all is well! We are now edging towards the final week and it has been quite a challenge.

Thank you to my friends and family who have sponsored me so far.

Ian ‘Doesn’t Grow in the Middle’ Forrester

by Austin Waddecar on 22/11/2012

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