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Organic health & beauty fulfilment: what you need to know

by Gemma Tomlinson


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Lots of consumers prefer to eat organic food; a fact that can be seen in the way that supermarkets have diversified their ranges to offer organic alternatives across many categories.

But the organic revolution is not all about fruit and veg. A growing focus on health and wellbeing has also heightened consumer interest in organic health and beauty products with everything from organic face creams to organic vitamins and supplements growing in popularity across a broader demographic than ever.

Indeed, the Soil Association’s Organic Market Report reveals that year to date organic health and beauty sales have grown by 24% in 2018, demonstrating a rise in the sector’s value for the seventh consecutive year.

What is Organic Health & Beauty?

More than 250 businesses are certified to Soil Association or COSMOS standards for their health and beauty products so that consumers can shop in complete confidence that the products they are buying have been produced with due consideration for ecological balance, preservation of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity.  In practice, this means that the ingredients used to formulate organic products have been cultivated without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. They should also have been produced without the use of irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic additives.

What’s included in the Category?

A number of product types sit within the organic health and beauty sector and these can be broken down into four broad groups.

Health and wellbeing products include vitamins, supplements and natural remedies. For example, Exact Abacus’ client, Nu U Nutrition is a Soil Association-certified provider of organic vitamins, minerals, botanicals and food extracts to help nurture improved health and wellbeing amongst those with diagnosed conditions and those who simply want to look after themselves.

Organic beauty products include skincare and make up, along with soaps, shampoos and bathing products, often bringing the power of natural plant extracts to your beauty regime.

There is also a growing demand for organic male grooming products and the final category is organic pregnancy and baby products, with organic certification providing extra peace of mind for creams and detergents used on the most delicate and precious of skin.

Maintaining Organic Integrity

To ensure your health and beauty products keep your promises of organic sourcing and manufacture right to your customer’s doorstep, they must be handled within a certified organic environment throughout the fulfilment process.

Your fulfilment partner must have a dedicated storage and handling area for organic products, which should have been inspected to ensure it satisfies the requirements of the Soil Association’s organic standards regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008.

At Exact Abacus, our Soil Association certification means we operate within robust organic guidelines and our organic license enables us to dispatch more than 2,500 ethically-sourced items per day, including organic health and beauty products along with organic foods, drink and clothing.

Find out more about our organic fulfilment services or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.

by Gemma Tomlinson on 28/05/2018

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