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Our 6 favourite Valentine's day promotions

by Jennifer McMillen


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Valentine’s day is a great marketing opportunity, read our blog post on how you can make the most of it with your business. We have also put together a list of our favourite campaigns of the big brands to inspire love for your business…

1. Ann Summers

ann summers marketing campaign

Last year luxury lingerie brand Ann Summers got a bit cheeky (pun intended) by projecting and clean graffiting their ads onto competitors storefronts in London. Sayings like ‘Chocolates are for hospitals’ were projected onto Thorntons as well as Paperchase and Liberty. They cleverly included a hashtag to get people promoting it on twitter too. How naughty!


2. Foul Fashion

Foul Fashion are a small Scottish fashion company who specialise in, let’s say, unique and bold fashion… To boost their sales on Valentines they made a promise: If you don’t pull in one of their items you get a full refund.

This is a great example of how to market a product on Valentine’s day that has little relevance to the day itself. With clever marketing they turned what is usually sold as a stag do outfit into a talking point to create media coverage and increase exposure. Even better, I’d be impressed if anyone actually wanted to test the theory meaning no expense!


3. o2


The phone company o2 set up screens in their shops all across the country which projected any tweets with the hashtag #o2tweetheart so customers could share their love throughout the country. They then chose a winner at random who received £500 of vouchers for Malmaison Hotels as well as 20 gift cards for their top 20 favourite messages. A great idea to get your name out in the social-sphere.


4. Innocent smooties

innocent smoothies

Innocent smoothies are know for their down-to-earth marketing so when they created the ‘love label generator’ for their smoothie bottles we loved it. Customers could simply visit the web page and design their own love label, with the option of including any of their pre-made poems or declarations, print it off and stick it to a bottle of their smoothies.

They still managed to enhance their brand by using wording like this:

“This smoothie is someone’s way of telling you they really like you. It’s the crushed fruit equivalent of catching your eye across a crowded room, laughing at all your jokes, gently punching you on the arm and going bright red when you’re around…”


5. Marks & Spencers

m and s valentines ad

Love Stuck? M&S implemented an augmented reality billboard at Waterloo Station where the model suggests last minute gift ideas to anyone who scans it. A fun way to play with future technologies and get people engaging with your brand as well an increase awareness that you can shop online.


6. Ikea

ikea ad

Australian Ikea created a clever ad by giving away a free crib to any baby conceived 9months after Valentines day it provided a coupon and proof of birth. This funny and subtle ad got plenty of people talking especially about the ‘delivery’ options.


by Jennifer McMillen on 10/02/2015

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