Pop-up shops: How to bring your eCommerce site to life

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Ever thought of opening a pop-up shop? These small, temporary stores are the latest craze in retail. Pop-ups are injecting life back onto the high street after eCommerce changed the game a few years ago. Ironically it’s the online retailers, the ones that aided the demise of the high street, who are keenest to pursue this venture. Pop-up shops create additional avenues in a multi-channel offering, allowing customers to interact with products and services in a physical way that isn’t possible online.

With this in mind, Manchester based company JD Williams recently launched a Pop Up Tour for their Marisota brand. The activity aimed to increase awareness and interaction with potential customers; opportunities that are traditionally limited in eCommerce and mail order engagement.

Marisota Pop up tour

1 in 8 shops on the high street are currently empty, so there’s plenty of prime retail space to choose from. Companies such as We Are Pop Up and Appear Here offer a plethora of locations for the avid pop-up goer. Here’s a quick look at Appear Here‘s video of a weeks worth of pop ups for some inspiration…

This is all well and good for retailers with physical products, but what about service providers? Pop-up stores are a great opportunity to gain exposure and increase brand awareness by holding events and demos. Gap Filler do great things with unused stores like this Inconvenience Store.

With multi-channel retail becoming more of a necessity, and even the big players like the Chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Besos, expressing an interest in retail stores; it seems we’ll be seeing a lot less shutters and a lot more of well, anything!

by Austin Waddecar on 04/04/2014

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