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Presenting the fulfilmentcrowd Promise

by Gemma Tomlinson


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It’s a minefield isn’t it? No sooner have you decided that the time is right to outsource your fulfilment than you’re bombarded by a confusing array of tariffs, contracts and service level agreements with vastly differing prices and additional ‘extras’.

Ever wish that fulfilment could just be simpler, more straightforward and easier to plan and budget into your business?

At fulfilmentcrowd, we think it should too. That’s why we’re launching our new fulfilmentcrowd Promise and, to celebrate our industry-leading, no-nonsense approach, we’re also launching our new website, which sets it all out in black and white (OK, blue and white) so that it’s clear, accessible and set in proverbial stone for all to see.

We think the eCommerce sector needs more clarity and a smoother, more efficient, more cost-effective way to manage the whole process and get goods to customers, and that commitment set us on a journey to develop a unique customer proposition.

No Contracts, No Minimums

One of the major factors that prevents many blossoming eCommerce businesses from taking the next step in upscaling their operation by outsourcing fulfilment is the commitment of a contract and the minimum throughput that most fulfilment partners require.

At fulfilmentcrowd, our goal is to help online retailers thrive. By offering a service that’s available to all with no contracts and no minimum volumes, we can ensure everyone gets the same great service from our professional, experienced team, regardless of their sales forecasts or their growth plan.

It means that companies can dip their figurative toe in the water with us, see how it goes and then decide to stay with us if it benefits their business. We’re confident it will.

100% Service Level Commitment

The top national brands have service levels higher than ever before, so customers have a right to expect the item they ordered within the promised timeframe, to the address they specified. To us, that’s a simple promise that you can be confident in making to your customers because we will always back it up.

Our new Promise means that we’ll always be accountable for hitting the targets we’ve agreed with you and if we ever should slip up, your costs will automatically be refunded to you – no quibbling, no drama.

Thanks to our integrated technology, proven processes and skilled team, it’s a commitment we can deliver without fail week in, week out.

Cost Transparency

Like so many other business services, outsourced fulfilment is often based on what the provider thinks you can afford and how much business they think a contract will provide for them. We think differently.

To us, it makes sense for all our customers to pay the same fee for the same service so that everyone knows what to expect and costs can be forecasted and calculated more accurately. As you’d expect, we’ve built in scope to offer discounts and flexibility based on sales volumes and any specialist requirements you may have, but our universal tariff offers a super-competitive rate as a starting point, helping you keep it simple and predict your fulfilment spend more accurately.

Backed By Fulfilment Experts

Our highly-trained, UK-based team will guide you through the start-up process and support you to ensure you get the best from our products and services. You’ll find our team approachable, informed and accessible, with simple communication through a channel to suit you whenever you need it.

Built-in Quality

We know delivering a quality service to your customers is important to you, so it’s important to us too.

You can rest assured that our fulfilment services are carried out in line with our ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, enabling us to build in compliance throughout our processes. We’re also independently verified by Microsoft, the SOIL Association, United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - so you can be completely confident that the highest industry standards are being met.

Especially for You

Our new Promise is all about keeping it simple but that doesn’t mean we think a one-size fits all approach is sufficient – far from it. Our in-house expertise, fully-integrated software and proven processes mean that we can offer a range of tailored services, including white glove, dangerous goods, organic goods, over-sized items and Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Indeed, if you have specialist fulfilment requirement we can work with you to ensure the solution we offer meets your needs.

Simplifying Complexity

eCommerce can be complex, particularly for companies that sell to multiple markets via multiple channels, and fulfilment is a make-or-break part of the process that can help take a business to the next level or hold it back from growth.

At fulfilmentcrowd, we’re equipped to deal with those complexities at every level, with expert fulfilment driven by integrated software and processes. Our new Promise means that we can support your business with all that complicated know-how while keeping things simple, accountable and transparent for you.

Read more about our Promise here.

by Gemma Tomlinson on 29/06/2018

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