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SAScon Day 2: Predicting the Future of SEO

by Tanya Wasiuta


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After 4 months of being cooped up in the EA office, I was out and ready to take my place for day 2 at the SAScon held at MMU Business School!

Personally, this is one of the perks of the job, being in the presence of some of the leaders in their field, learning from the best and picking up any tips that I can bring back to the office that will help the EA brand to grow and keep up to date with the ever evolving world of Marketing!

The day didn’t get off to the best of the starts…
After being advised by the majority of the office to get the train…of course I wasn’t going to listen to my peers. I drove… after filling the tank, getting the trusty mints for the journey…and hitting traffic, I finally arrived in Manchester, driving round in circles with my SatNav telling me that I had reached my destination …Lies…after dumping the SatNav, I finally reach my true destination to find I have no change for the car park…thankfully a UPS delivery guy was nearby and paid for my first hour. I owe you!
Advice:Set off in good time, have plenty of coins for parking and never trust a SatNav!

Anyway let’s crack on…

Predicting the Future

First up and kicking off Day 2 was Martin MacDonald, Head of SEO at Orbitz WorldWide; an internationally recognised speaker who was ready to share his expert insight and expertise in SEO and the evolution of SEO, and to make predications for upcoming trends affecting the digital marketing world in the next few years.

Martin first starts by proudly stating how he was part of large scale SEO spamming and then goes on to mention about some of his ‘pet hates’ including the term ‘inbound marketer’ he hates the term and says in bounders should be referred to as ‘emarketer’.

The Evolution of SEO

Here is how Martin delved in to show the evolution of SEO:


Spamming impurity years


OK, it’s time to STOP doing SEO spamming after BMW were penalised in 2006 for link-building.

Google found out that BMW were using doorway pages stuffed with keywords to funnel down users to their German website. This was blatant and outright Black-Hat SEO, therefore BMW got the most severe punishment possible – they got completely removed from Google index. Source: Marketing Land


NOW STOP PUNISHING US! Emphasised via the disappearance of the Interflora and Expedia websites, although they were never officially confirmed as a penalty.

What we Know

1. Google are very powerful and are hell bent on domination, and that Brands would be crazy to try any form of ‘Black-hat‘!

2. Rankings can’t exist without technical SEO, but Marketing still needs to play a part as without they won’t be good enough.

3. SEO touches on a whole host of marketing disciplines from Branding, content to social media.

Put simply, to be an SEO in 2015, you need to be in the technical know-how.

Now SEO and PPC is not my forte, I leave that in the capable hands of my Marketing Manager, but this is something I’m sure I won’t be able to avoid for much longer, as in the words of the man himself SEO will never die!

Put Simply, SEO will be spilt into 2 areas; Technical SEO and Marketing: These were Martins predictions:
• Gradually SEO will become what we know as technical SEO
• Link building of aspects of SEO become generalised marketing
• Over the next decade algorithms mature, allow much better tooling
• Improved tools reduce the level of knowledge and expertise required
• SEO’s get paid less!

Martin left us with this:

Specialise in the area of your industry, then learn how to do everything else!

by Tanya Wasiuta on 17/06/2015

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