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SAScon Day 2: Working with Publishers!

by Tanya Wasiuta


Back to the latest news

Next up was Angela Epstein and her talk on Working with Publishers. Angela is very successful in her field and has written for several leading national publications including The Telegraph, The Times, Cosmo and Marie Claire.

She started off by asking for attendees email address so that she could keep in contact…well Angela if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting!!

The highlight was when one member of the audience walked out after a few minutes stating the reason you ‘writes for the Daily Mail’ I’m guessing he was more of The Sun newspaper kind of guy!

Anyway let’s Press on….

It was quite clear from the off that Angela is a journalist who likes to cause a little controversy and maybe that’s what makes her so captivating! She knows how to engage, create emotion and a response!

Certainly one of the most contentious speakers from Day 2, she didn’t fail to deliver in offering some handy tips and advice.

The KEY concepts that were evident throughout, that Angela continued to reinforce were:

Cut to the chase:

In her words, journalists are lazy, so offer information in shortened sentences, and captivate them instantly! Based on her years of experience working in the journalism industry she know how best to deal with agencies in an effective way to get what she wants….And it works!

Clinical Content:

Simply put, you want to elicit a reaction: Now Angela is no novice to this and throughout her years has created out roar and controversy with stories such as ‘Why it’s every wife’s duty to make other men fancy her’! So, the message is for wannabe journalists think of a quirky spin and a dull subject and provoke a response!

Traditional isn’t always the way:

Tell your story in no more than 25 words in the first paragraph. Make the reader want to read on!

Now when it comes to Press Release it is pretty much the same rule of thumb: Be quirky, be concise, captivate within the first paragraph! Now whether you distribute your PR via telephone or email take notes of these handy tips:


Simply put a press realise is Free, effective and targeted. And certainly helps to get your brand noticed!

TIP 1:

If you’re ringing up publication companies find out who you need to speak to from the reception desk! Once known, you need to be concise and straight to the point with your topic. Leave it open ended.

TIP 2:

If you’re circulating a PR via email, then use first names if applicable. Keep the subject title interesting and intriguing after all you want to give a journalist a reason to open your email.
In the body say what your PR release is in no more then 10-15 words…if the journalist is interested let them contact you.

TIP 3:

Networking: is key if you want to find out what journalists are looking for and if you want to get your publication noticed, here’s a few that Angela and some audience members highlighted as a great platform:

Twitter: @journo_request use the all-important #’s #journorequest #PRrequest reach a wider audience. Great platform if you’re looking to conduct a case study and need people to take part if they fit the category.

Facebook The No.1 Freelance Ladies buddy Agency valuable for Journalists and PR) is a closed FB group with currently over 2000 members. Initially aimed at freelance writers but is also open to staff writers. Providing a community to share and support.

Response Beneficial for journalists as it delivers media coverage leads on a wide range of subjects to PRs on a daily basis. Includes a week’s FREE trail, opportunity for Back door PR.

It is clear that trying to get you work published whether your an upcoming journalist or your wanting to get your press release circulated and printed can often be a difficult job. Put simply, Angela states if you take note of the above advice and tips then you stand a fighting chance of getting your work noticed and published whether National or Local…But one thing you can’t do is BORE the reader, after all it’s the interesting headlines that makes the reader want to carry on!

by Tanya Wasiuta on 22/06/2015

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