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SES London: Brand, that old chestnut

by Gemma Tomlinson


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SES London day two promised a keynote panel to kick off the day on the ‘Key tactics to optimise your digital marketing campaigns’, with the panellists including speakers from Microsoft, Lego and Facebook.

The key takeaways revolved around brand. I have to admit I was sceptical when the topic arose, I thought haven’t we heard it all before? Well we kind of have but sometimes a refresher isn’t such a bad thing and digital has changed the game, providing more opportunities to talk to our target audience.

Make sure that all channels and devices contribute to brand consistency.

On the most basic level brand consistency must be front of mind from two avenues:
1) Across all marketing channels
2) Across devices
With the ever changing landscape of multi-device browsing it’s never been more important to ensure that the experience is consistent from mobile to tablet and desktop. It’s now a given, not a nice to have as we’re all well aware that a combination of devices play their part in the research and decision making process.

All channels and devices should contribute to brand consistency, make sure the basics are covered
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Provide relevancy to your audience by delivering timely messages via dedicated social resources.

With Facebook’s Nicola Day on the panel it’s not surprising that the brand discussion moved to social. Day discussed how relevancy can catapult brand success. I’m not just talking about piggy backing onto a recent event, such as Valentine’s Day with a soppy picture. The example given was the Super Bowl 2014, where the blackout created both mayhem and opportunity. Unlike other brands Oreo, a main sponsor, had a team lined up to respond to every eventuality and it paid off.


This simple message, delivered at just the right moment, resulted in 445,000,000 impressions! Now we’re not all able to sponsor the Superbowl, but smaller brands could still replicate their own success by dedicating resource to a social team with their ears to the ground.

Timely social messages can boost your success with your audience. It worked for @Oreo
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Every post should tell a story in isolation whilst delivering the brand proposition.

Day also emphasised how one of Facebook’s integral brand messages, storytelling, is important to all brands. Every social post should be able to stand on its own two feet and tell a story in isolation. She related this to an episode of a TV programme. You should be able to pick up the episode without religiously watching the series, but at the same time the episode contributes to a seamless story that threads the series together.

Make story telling your secret weapon for brand affinity
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Make it personal.

Content has been the marketing buzz word for the last couple of years so it didn’t come as a shock when it cropped up. Day highlighted that in today’s digital landscape we’re now exposed to 5,000 ads every day, that’s a significant amount of noise for an audience to cut through.

The best way to approach the “noise” is from two angles:
1) Don’t just segment your audience into customer groups, do it by channel. You may be talking to a different audience on Facebook than you are on Twitter
2) Create content with both the audience and channel in mind
The aim is now to deliver relevant content to the right people at the right time.

Of course Day couldn’t speak at a conference without mentioning Facebook advertising. Her suggestion was to review the people who have already converted with a Facebook ad and then use the Lookalike audiences bidding mechanism to find more people who have a similar profile of interests.

According to Facebook, we’re exposed to 5,000 ads/day. That’s a lot of noise for your audience.
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Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

I’ll leave you with a final example. A well-known pizza delivery brand was looking for ways to get the upper hand on their competition. The market was littered with ads focused on BOGOF offers and needed a new tactic. Instead of running the generic ad all day every day they asked themselves when their customer was most likely to purchase. Of course the answer was obvious, after a few drinks! By targeting customers on their way home from the pub with emotive language about the oozey cheese and loaded toppings, the pizza company didn’t have to push offers, their audience was already ready to buy. Not only ready to buy but willing to pay full price.

By getting into the mind-set of their target audience the pizza company was able to refine their paid search targeting and spend whilst making more profit.

If BOGOF offers are a tired tactic in your market, it’s time to get targeted
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by Gemma Tomlinson on 19/02/2015

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