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The Analytics Challenge: Month 1 – Mobile Website Viability

by Austin Waddecar


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Although 2013 was another year ‘where the high street died’, 2013 was also a time where eCommerce thrived growing 15% on 2012. Despite this market growth many online businesses still never get beyond basic overall web statistics such as total visits, revenue and bounce rate.

So for 2014 I challenge you, the great British e-tailer, to make more of your web data by spending 10 minutes a month (yes only 10) looking at Google Analytics in more depth! Why? Because if you do it right you can find real actionable insights in minutes to improve your eCommerce business.

To help you with this challenge, each month I’ll be sharing tips so that you can gain tangible information from Google Analytics to help your business to succeed.

Month 1 – Mobile Website Viability

2013 may have been the ‘Year of Mobile’, however many eCommerce websites are still not optimised for smart phone users. Given the current growth rate of mobile traffic it is necessary to establish if your business will benefit from a mobile optimised website. Else you risk being left behind by your competitors.

To work out if a mobile optimised website is a viable solution there are three simple steps you need to take, all of which are covered under this month’s quick analysis tips.

1: Comparing Your Conversion Rate

In Google Analytics navigate using the right hand menu to: Audience > Mobile > Overview.

GA Mobile Overview

In the resulting data table we can look at how conversion rate for mobile visitors compares to desktop and tablet visitors. If the resulting mobile conversion rate figure is significantly lower than desktop or tablet users, it may be worth considering a mobile optimised website.

Mobile Conversion Rate

2: Establish if mobile traffic is increasing.

If the amount of users visiting your website using a mobile device has increased over the last year, it’s another strong indication that you e-business may benefit from a mobile optimised design.

Within the same mobile overview report we used in step 1, first select a longer date range, preferably the last 12 months. To see if there is a measurable trend, select ‘week’ from the options above the graph (see image below). Daily line graphs can be too granular and monthly line graphs can be too broad when trying to establish if there is a trend, so make sure you select ‘week’.

Charter Time Selection

You now need to filter your data so you only looking at mobile traffic. To do this simply type ‘mobile’ in the filter above the data grid, then click the search button next to the input field.

Grid Filter

Your report should now show a graph which represents your mobile traffic over the last 12 months. If there is an obvious uptrend, this is further evidence that you should consider a mobile optimised website.

Mobile Traffic Chart


: Establish the Impact

Hopefully you’ve established over the last two steps that it might be beneficial to develop a mobile version of your eCommerce website.

So how do you find out if the cost of optimising your website for mobile is actually viable? Well believe or not it’s easier than you think, just follow the below steps:

1: Collect key stats from Google Analytics for the past year.

To simplify this process I’ve shared this free Google Analytics dashboard template which should save you time digging through multiple Google Analytics reports.

Mobile Dashboard

2: Mobile Viability Calculator

Now simply input the above statistics into our mobile website viability calculator below. Based on the results you can now judge if the cost of developing a mobile optimised website is viable for your businesses based on the potential revenue uplift.

by Austin Waddecar on 09/01/2014

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