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To Blog or Not to Blog

by Tanya Wasiuta


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As a start-up the most challenging aspect can be to get your brand noticed against a whole host of competitors potentially drowning you out, so how do you go about combating this? With content!
Once a potential browser lands on your site the key is to keep them drawn and for them to return time and time again. So how do you go about creating this so called content… via blogs?

On that note, let’s take a look at the benefits of blogging.

1.Boost your SEO credentials

By creating fresh content for your business, search engines will love it! Regular blogging exposes yourself for the good, as the content you create indexes your website and shows to Google that you are frequently updating and actively maintaining your site. Creating opportunities to plug in those all-important keywords increasing your visibility on search engine results pages.
Every new indexed page is one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines, and drive traffic to your website through organic search.

2.Building Relationships

As a start-up it will take time and effort to build those essential relationships with your customers. By blogging, you are allowing the opportunity for consumers to engage with you, achieved by asking readers to leave comments and feedback. In return it’s beneficial for you to respond so that you can create a rapport with your audience and build that all important loyalty.

3.Build your social

Creating blogs for your website is great, and is a step to building those brand relationships. However increase the visibility of your blogs by promoting on your social channels, which in turn helps you to build your content and potentially attract newer audiences. Ultimately providing a greater opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

4.Create Exposure

Blogging allows your audiences to share the content with others, creating exposure of your brand and more organic reach by audiences sharing, re tweeting, and bonus it’s FREE marketing for your business.

5.Create CTA

Don’t just get the audience reading your blogs, get them to take action. With reference to SEJ one company had a 212% increase in leads per blog by creating CTA (call to action)
CTA can be in the form of downloading white papers and case studies, FREE Trials for example. Any content asset that someone will be willing to exchange their information for.

6.Be heard

Giving your business a voice, a blog creates a place for your audiences to engage with one another.
It’s also the place to let your brand’s personality shine and show people what you’re all about.

Yes, you can now add blogging to your growing business skills repertoire:

by Tanya Wasiuta on 16/07/2015

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