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Launching low-cost order fulfilment on the East Coast, USA

by Cameron Mitchell


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Win over customers with cheaper and faster shipping rates across the US

fulfilmentcrowd is pleased to announce the opening of a brand-new fulfilment centre on the American East Coast, adding to our catalogue of fulfilment network partners (FNP). Situated in Richmond, Virginia. The new investment comes after continued accelerated growth over the past year in the US eCommerce sector. fulfilmentcrowd can now provide you with access to cheaper and faster shipping rates to your customers across the Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, East, North and South-Central states of the United States.

our locations

Sandston, Virginia

Sandston is the second site to be launched in the USA following the opening of our West Coast fulfilment centre in LA back in 2019. This new facility perfectly complements our existing fulfilment centre on the West Coast and opens up the market further for our clients.

Located adjacent to Richmond International Airport, the fulfilment house is the perfect opportunity for eCommerce retailers looking for cheaper order fulfilment and shipping rates. The centre provides economic access to road, rail and air routes to the most populous areas in the United States and is in a close distance from the seaports of New York and New Jersey. Sandston opens up access to the hotspot of US customers on the East Coast that makes up a huge 36% of the US population, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington. The centre boasts a number of key features creating a fully optimised eCommerce fulfilment warehouse including:

  • Modern purpose-built space: 15000 sq. ft warehouse.
  • Optimised storage: A mix of floor standing and racked stock storage space.
  • Dock leveller doors: For super faster unloading/loading.
  • Daily collections: Expedited delivery by UPS and USPS.

Sandston fulfilment centre

Low-Cost Transparent Pricing

You’ll find the same excellent efficient fulfilment service as you do in the UK and across Europe in the US. We offer the most transparent and competitive fulfilment and shipping costs in the industry with no order minimums, hidden fees or contracts that can tie you down. Simple, pay as you go order fulfilment. If you’d like a free instant estimate for the US please check our or cost calculator below:


Breaking America

The USA remains one of the biggest eCommerce markets in the world, showing consistent healthy growth in all sectors and has seen a huge 44% increase in online sales. Alongside this many European companies who sell to the US have faced increased tax costs due to the unprecedented demand forcing them into higher tax brackets. With hopes of a new UK-US trade deal, more and more businesses are expanding into the US. Although breaking into the US is complex, fulfilmentcrowd offers exclusive access to our international centres for all of our customers and our excellent business development team and customer success managers are always on hand to help with the transition. If you have a large amount of customers that live in the US, you may want to look at holding stock in the US. Moving stock to either our East or West coast fulfilment centres will drastically reduce international shipping costs, custom delays and long shipping times.

"fulfilmentcrowd's USA warehouses allow us to service our US customers on a much faster, more efficient basis. We have the capacity and competitive international shipping costs needed to scale at our own pace." - Alex Stewart, OneNine5.

Richmond Virginia Loading Bay

Increased access to US shipping zones

Shipping zones are used by carriers to measure the distance a package travels from the origin to its destination. Zone 1 is anywhere up to 50 miles from the origin all the way through to Zone 8 that is up to 1800 miles away. With two fulfilment centres each on opposite sides of the states we have created two Zone 1’s, meaning we are able to ship to your customers in surrounding zones a lot faster compared to just one centre, allowing you to delight your customers with 2-3 days delivery anywhere in the US at much cheaper delivery rates. The red zones on the map below indicate postal zones 1-3, the yellow indicates zones 4-5, and green and blue indicate zones 5-8. You can now strategically store your goods to better meet the needs of your customers by choosing a centre that is closest to the majority of your customers which can be found looking at your previous order history data. Either way both fulfilment centres are located in some of the most populous and affluent areas, so in one or way or another you’ll be able to better target your customers while saving money on your bottom line. 

If you'd like to learn more about our new East Coast facility, or if you have any other additional enquiries about our international order fulfilment service, please contact us today.


by Cameron Mitchell on 03/02/2021

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