While consumers are demanding faster and cheaper – preferably free - delivery for the items they purchase online, they do not expect speed and cost of delivery requirements to impact on service quality …quite the reverse in fact! As an increasingly diverse demographic of consumers shop for an increasingly wide array of products online, fulfilment partners of retailers have faced the challenge of catering for specialist requirements to compete effectively with the online giants. 

The result?

These specialist capabilities include a number of niche areas such as dangerous goods, alcohol, over-sized items, organic items and ‘white glove’ handling; many of which Amazon and the major logistics players simply cannot accommodate because of the size of their operations and the level of automation they have introduced.

Indeed, the advent of Seller Fulfilled Prime is a clear indication that Amazon has accepted its inability to upscale indefinitely or individually apply specialist fulfilment parameters to a potentially infinite variety of products as part of an efficient, cost-effective operation.

This is where we step in

Thus, emerged a specialist fulfilment arena where specific handling and delivery requirements can be provided by smaller, more agile fulfilment specialists. Because such fulfilment specialists have built their business model around segregation of their warehouse, integration of e-commerce technology and specialist handling capabilities, these niche services can be factored into the cost base for the retailer and used as an added value incentive for customers to purchase, repurchase and recommend.

Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we have a dedicated warehouse space that are certified for storage and handling of only organic products, including food, textiles and cosmetics. We are also certified to handle alcohol, over-sized goods and have white glove handling capabilities for delicate or high value items, with dedicated staff trained to carry out the packing and dispatch of these goods to guaranteed standards.

Good news for retailers

What this means for retailers is that a single fulfilment partner can handle very specific requirements or a variety of fulfilment stipulations that would otherwise be problematic to manage in house or impossible to outsource via FBA.

Despite competition and complications that come alongside eCommerce giants like Amazon, for retailers, this means that the opportunity for growing sales online, through multiple channels, continues to grow- regardless of the size, handling requirements or nature of the product!

While this may leave retailers breathing a sigh of relief, it’s also critical to ensure that the chosen third party fulfilment partner has the level of technology integration, warehouse segregation and specialist compliance certification to work with the specific niche items in question. If this is exactly what you’re looking for, our automated software could save the day. 

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