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Is video still king?

Short answer yes. Video marketing is nothing new, but it is still the most popular and effective tool to grasp the attention of your target market. Why? As humans, we are instinctively trained to watch movement as it could mean a potential threat. Our brains can also condense information much more effectively through what we watch, explaining why consumers prefer video content to plain text. It’s now easier than ever to target the busiest of consumers with ever-shrinking attention spans, who can learn everything they need to know about your brand and its amazing products in under 10 seconds.


Consumers are able to recall 95% of information after watching an ad (Forbes), and although many eCommerce retailers use videos across social media, brands may be too scared of getting lost in the noise of competition. However, apply it correctly, stand apart from the competition and video marketing can elevate your conversion rates and create long-term customers. Techniques for the creation of premium videos are changing all the time, and the most common question that eCommerce brands ask is: how to create effective, killer video content?

Educate, Engage, Inspire

Moving the emotions of your audience isn’t easy but conducting research into the pain points of your target customer by creating lifestyle personas will help generate ideas on how to your audience fall in love with your brand, and fast. The best ads are usually the ones that are short, sweet, snappy and straight to the point. 

For example, Instagram Story adverts have revolutionised the way we reach potential consumers, with ad spend doubling over the past year on the platform that now has over a billion users worldwide. Story ads are great at interrupting your audience in an effective way and seamlessly draws their attention to your brand. Features such as ‘slide up’ option are also an easy way for them to learn more, see more or get access to exclusive discounts or sales. However, don’t neglect the use of organic video content in your feed. Stats show that over half of consumers search for product videos before they make a purchase. Using non-sponsored video posts can help educate your consumers on the key benefits before they make a purchase decision. It’s safe to say research has shown that video content marketing is the reigning champion method for producing the most ROI.


DIY video marketing

Many retailers don’t have the budget for a full-blown tear-jerking John Lewis style Christmas advert or the time to spend learning how to use state of the art software. However, budget shouldn’t stop you from having a go yourself and getting those creative juices flowing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the number of brands adopting ‘home-made’ style of content, using just a mobile phone to advertise their services and products, and ultimately giving their brand a more authentic feel. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are a number of platforms out there that offer free templates to help get you on your way to create your very own video marketing content such as:

Our top tips for tip top videos

1. Make sure video content is branded and consistent throughout and reflects your brand personality, especially effective in drip campaigns over an extended period of time and helps your audience more likely to remember you.
2. Grab their attention within the first 2 seconds e.g. bright colours, unique transitions, using target market models. (Research shows consumers are more likely to watch an ad that features someone similar to themselves)
3. Don’t focus too much on sound as 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.
4. Instagram video stories have nearly 3X more engagement compared to static images.

awol  Awol TV

Hear from the experts

Joining us for a Hobnob this month is our trusted partner and media production specialist: AWOLTV. Cofounder and Director Greg Goodall offers up his best advice for helping increase brand engagement for online retailers through video content marketing. The team’s catalogue of work has taken them across the globe working with brands such as American Express and Bear Grylls Ventures. Take a listen on either Anchor or Spotify below. 

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