Go green, ship clean

What do we mean when we say green shipping? Well, we're talking about the lesser impact that transportation and packaging alike have on the environment. And yes, we know we've been chatting a lot about sustainability and our own Lorax Project recently, but that is only because becoming more and more eco-friendly is one of our top priorities. 

How can you ship, pack and be greener? We'll be going through all of the above throughout this blog post, including how becoming more sustainable in this way can add exponential value to your eCommerce business. That's not all! You can learn more about how joining the crowd and outsourcing your fulfilment with us can make these goals, achievable goals.

Sustainable packaging equals sustainable shipping

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best ways you can eco-up your shipping is by packaging your orders with sustainable materials. In doing so, of course you're going to avoid using plastic within your packaging, wherever possible. In fact,  41% of consumers have said that they avoid the use of plastics in their daily lives wherever they can - all the more reason to make the sustainable switch to some of the more eco-friendly packing options for your eco-conscious consumer:

  • Bio-degradable packing peanuts
  • Honeycomb paper (as an alternative to bubble wrap)
  • Compostable or bio-degradable jiffy bags
  • Recycled air pillows
  • Plantable packaging

So, by taking these measures to create a more environmentally conscious brand, then this is the perfect way to get started! We also feel that choosing more sustainable packaging options provides your eCommerce business with that competitive edge. You are actively demonstrating to your consumers that you want to make a positive impact on our planet...that will in turn be greatly appreciated by customers.

Speaking of adding value, let's talk a little about more about how eco-shipping does that.

Sustainability added, is value added

Sustainability is not solely a value creator for society, but for businesses and eCommerce businesses alike. In future years, it will be nigh on impossible to sustain a strong brand reputation and lasting market position without a commitment to implementing sustainable practices within your business model.

Since 77% of millennial consumers actually consider whether a product or company as a whole are sustainable before making their purchasing decision. The proof really is in the numbers! If a high percentage of your consumer base also seeks out sustainability when looking through your eCommerce site, and see that you have those offerings available, then that is a sure fire way to retain those customers and gain an essence of loyalty as well. That is the kind of added value making eco-friendly decisions can bring you.

Secondly, by making this initial move and addressing these global challenges, such as climate change, this can catalyse innovation that sets you apart from your competitors and their business models. Now we're talking!

Providing the goods, without the impact

Choosing the right fulfilment provider doesn't just stop at whether they can meet your service level goals, but based on the added value of becoming an eco-conscious business above, we believe that you should choose a fulfilment provider that aligns with your brand's commitment to sustainability.

That's why we have the Lorax Project! This is a project that we are still working on because becoming more sustainable does not happen overnight - however, it's all about making a start. Why not choose to outsource your fulfilment with us and convert to plastic-free shipping with our bio-degradable and sustainable packaging options?

Aligning with both yours and your customer's values in terms of climate change and striving to create less impactful shipping from pick + pack to dispatch is super important - and is something we really care about and are consistently working on ourselves.

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