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The impact on our planet

In recent years we have seen a rise in growing concerns about the damaging impact we are having on our planet. Influential figures such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough have been at the forefront in fighting against plastic waste and carbon emissions. Due to the ‘Attenborough effect' we’ve seen a global ban on plastic straws across major vendors, including retail giant Starbucks, while Greta Thunberg alone has inspired millions of young voices to speak up about the environmental crisis- proving climate activism is here to stay.

Sustainable profits

A sharp rise in sustainable consumerism has placed heavy pressure on eCommerce businesses to investigate their supply chains, prioritise waste reduction and invest in innovative recycling strategies. When it comes to packaging and shipping, Directors and CEOs usually only care about the bottom line. The adoption of sustainable materials doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or function and shouldn’t cost you the earth - but it will if our habits don’t change! In fact, it is more likely to appeal to today's consumer attitude, set you apart from the competition and boost your bottom line.

Here at fulfilmentcrowd appreciate the thought that online retailers put in to creating an excellent ‘unboxing moment’. So, we’ve provided a list of our top 10 favourite sustainable packaging on the market right now, designed to deliver a pleasant surprise for your customers and the planet!


1.Geami WrapPak 

Geami WrapPak is the perfect alternative to bubble wrap. Made from Kraft paper, it is designed using a honeycomb structure that interlocks with itself to provide a protective barrier for your products. A personal fulfilmentcrowd favourite, we provide WrapPak across our network of fulfilment centres to a number of our existing eco-conscious retailers.


Visit the Geami site to find out more.



Kilby are a UK packaging manufacturer who pride themselves in quality and share a similar environmental ethos to ourselves. Their biodegradable mailers are our first choice when it comes to a sustainable poly-mailer alternative, and with an expanding gusset, they even make for a more versatile option. It's not just us- our existing customer Apolina  also use their branded eco-friendly packaging.


Visit the Kilby site to find out more.



Vegware are eco-conscious super stars! They provide a range of 300+ sustainable packaging products to the food service industry, impressively made entirely out of plants (even the ink!).


Visit the Vegware site to find out more.



Leading the way for over 40,000 consumers, Notpla were a highlight of Virgin’s London Marathon 2019, whose clever technology has completely rid of the plastic bottle. They provide plastic free solutions by creating packaging from seaweed – both edible and biodegradable. Innovation at its finest!


Visit the Notpla site to find out more.



Eco-craft provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions from envelopes to adhesive tape. Our favourite product has to be their compostable, cellulose display bags, perfect for sustainable retailers operating in the food sector. Not only this, they specialise in reusing recycled paper – looking after the trees of the world.


Visit the Eco-craft site to find out more.



Paperfoam provide biobased packaging – a great alternative to plastic. Made from industrial starch, fibers and water, the environmental impact of PaperFoam's products is absolutely minimal- the material disappears in a matter of weeks!


Visit the PaperFoam site to find out more.


7.Mushroom Packaging

Another great example, this innovative tech-led company specialise in high performing packaging created from Mycelium (vegetative fungus). A great alternative to polystyrene, proving that sustainability doesn't have to compromise quality!

mushroom packaging       mushroompackaging

Visit the Mushroom Packaging site to find out more.


8.Green Man Packaging

Made from plants – not plastic. Green Man Packaging are independent compostable packaging specialists, they are truly green by providing 100% certified compostable catering packaging made from sugarcane and biodegradable kraft paper. Their promise to you? They don't use any petroleum-based, chemical-filled, toxic plastic packaging in their range- "not a single straw".

Green Man Packaging

Visit the Green Man Packaging site to find out more.



Ecologic Brands is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world through better packaging choices. Are you selling liquids? Their speciality has to be their commercially vioable bottles made from recycled materials.


Visit the EcoLogic site to find out more.



Papelconsemillas provide ethical solutions to packaging and marketing materials by using seeded paper. Their paper with seeds is handmade using cotton fibres that have been discarded during the industrial process. Materials that can be used and then planted in a few easy steps.


Visit the Papelconsemillas site to find out more


Lean, green fulfilment machine

Here at fulfilmentcrowd we are endeavouring to become the worlds first fully sustainable fulfilment provider with our Lorax Project. We are well on our way by implementing new effective waste management techniques, installing energy efficient lighting in all our warehouses, introducing green tech and always encouraging our customers to be more sustainable. Our dedicated Lorax community group have also been fuelling our productivity by introducing Vegan Wednesdays to our office staff to encourage them to eat at least one plant-based meal a week whilst raising money for the Woodland Trust to protect existing carbon.

vegan wednesday         LoraxProject

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