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Protein and nutrient supplement formulation company, manufactured and sold in the UK and China.

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Powering growth for international supplement brands

“Thanks to the flexible approach behind fulfilmentcrowd’s proposition, we’re able to leave with a month’s notice, not to mention the freedom to scale storage requirements as we please.”- Chi-Ki Chow, Operations Director.

Breaking the mould

Myo-Band represent a true point of difference in the increasingly overcrowded supplement market, specialising in nutrient and protein-based powders and snacks specifically tailored to a range of desired effects across pre-workout energy, weight loss and recovery. Myo-Band dedicate a large proportion of valuable business hours to product development, ensuring that their formulation team combine the best quality ingredients and highest nutritional values with a great taste.

Myo-Band break the mould with their flagship product, Oblivion, the first protein-based post-workout powder that can be mixed with cold water rather than milk to form a combination more similar to cordial than a shake. The result of their efforts? Myo-Band is only endorsed and consumed by the best, which explains why Oblivion product ambassador is Eddie Hall, world-renowned for holding 2017’s title as World’s Strongest Man.

Targeting new markets

Myo-Band initially established the brand to an audience in Hong Kong before outreaching to Taiwan and the rest of China. However, seeing as their products were manufactured in the UK, Operations Director, in August 2018, Chi began questioning the great potential of equal success in the British market.

Removing all barriers

This led to a search for the ultimate fulfilment partner that could take away stress of breaking into a new market with flexible storage and lower overhead costs. Chi comments:

“When we came to assess the logistics section of our business, we decided to outsource so that we could focus on what we do best as a brand, and we’re glad we chose fulfilmentcrowd. The team have been fantastic and have saved us invaluable time. This was really the biggest benefit for us as if we had done everything in-house, we would have had to start from scratch, investing in our own employees, management and facilities”.

"fulfilmentcrowd stood out to us because, as a new brand in the UK, we weren’t certain on how we would progress. Thanks to the flexible approach behind fulfilmentcrowd’s proposition, we’re able to leave with a month’s notice, not to mention the freedom to scale storage requirements as we please. This is fantastic, as when breaking into a new market, everything is so unsure- one thing we needed to be sure of is flexibility.”

The power of automation

Since going live last August, Myo-Band have received great reception from their UK-based consumer base. Leading to high demand, Myo-Band boast an order volume that continues to grow month on month, more than tripling in growth since coming on board. Chi goes on to explain how this couldn’t be possible without fulfilmentcrowd’s order processing platform, explaining:

“The good thing about fulfilmentcrowd is their automated system. It allows us to see updated stock quantities, the status of live orders…basically all of the information we require to operate!”

 Freed up with more time than ever to expand their product range thanks to the power of automation, we can’t wait to see what products they’ll come up with next!

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