Soccer Supplement

Soccer Supplement is the UK’s first sports nutrition company specifically designed to enhance the performance of footballers. From protein, hydration and nutrient supplements to accessories and clothing, the company take a collaborative approach to the research and product development behind their brand. Working hands-on with players, coaches, sports scientists, doctors and nutritionists, Soccer Supplement spare no expense in ensuring that every ingredient, formula combination and dosage of their products is geared to influence the very best performance on pitch.

Despite being a relatively new company, there is no question that Soccer Supplement are already at the top of their game. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art UK-based facility, their products are shipped internationally and were even used by teams that participated in this year’s World Cup.

The Problem:

With such a niche target market, Soccer Supplement quickly found that demand for their products was growing at a gallop. They needed the growth of their own operations to rival this, and fast. Mark Britton, Commercial Director, explains, “When we began, we looked at a lot of very small, similar-sized businesses. A lot of them were holding, picking and packing their own stock, but this was something that would have taken the rest of the team and I away from clubs. There was potential scalability to provide for the eight million people playing football up and down the country. In terms of outsourcing, it was key to be able to scale as quickly as demand dictated we had to. We needed to work with someone who could help us ship around the country and internationally”.

With such high manufacturing standards, Soccer Supplement needed to extend the presence of premium quality procedures to all areas of the business. When seeking out a fulfilment provider, it was therefore crucial that they were “reliable, trustworthy and accredited”. The condition of their products needed to be maintained in secure storage with their orders undergoing safe delivery after the dispatch from a warehouse.

Mark comments, “Our performance products go to top-level athletes. They’re all informed, sport-tested and batch tested- our processes are rigorous. Ensuring all of the staff here at fulfilmentcrowd respected that, combined with a quality level of cleanliness, was of massive importance to us.”. 

The Solution:

Our ambient food and drink fulfilment offering was exactly what Soccer Supplement were looking for. Our modern warehouses, advanced processes and Quality Management System enable us to meet demanding ambient standards including stock rotation, lot control and complaint disposal. This provided Soccer Supplement with the reassurance that their products would be handled with care upon leaving manufacture, straight through to their customer’s door. Our flexibility to ship either pallets, cases or units of stock to consumers also suited the company’s ranging size of clientele, from whole clubs to private orders from single athletes.

Although they had expert knowledge surrounding football and their own products, Soccer Supplement were still a start-up, and like any new business, needed to know how to optimise their productivity while ensuring they could still meet the demands of their customers around the globe. Mark Britton was impressed with the wealth of advice that our order fulfilment experts and sales team could provide on the logistics of international shipping; while our automated inventory management and order processing software keeps a track of stock levels and intelligently forecasts purchasing quantities.

 This knowledge, of both our software and our hard-working team, reassured Soccer Supplement that they had made the right choice with their fulfilment provider, as we work alongside our clients in a partnership to maximise their growth as much as possible. Mark continues, “Whenever there’s a new business, there’s teething problems. It was refreshing to work alongside a fulfilment company who were not just aware of our issues, but who were willing to work together to fix them. I’ve been really impressed by that.”

The Result:

Thanks to our high-performance standards and integrated software, the productivity of Soccer Supplement has increased drastically. Our near 100% same-day dispatch rate and delivery tracking features have allowed the company to reach whole leagues, coaches and even individual players with last-minute orders.

“Customers are receiving their orders the very next-day, all thanks to fulfilmentcrowds internal SLA [Service Level Agreement] of a 1pm cut off the same-day dispatch. A conduct of honesty and transparency means have allowed us to grow our customer base. This means that we’re going to have to lean on fulfilmentcrowd even more, also outsourcing the fulfilment of our customer services through them […] To this day, we’ve never had a club turn up on a match-day without their products.”

Mark goes on to recommend our services to any online start-up across any market sector:

“From our perspective, if any kind of business needed to outsource the pick pack and dispatch of their stock, fulfilmentcrowd is a no brainer. They’ve been great for us”.

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“From our perspective, if any kind of business needed to outsource the pick pack and dispatch of their stock, fulfilmentcrowd is a no brainer. They’ve been great for us."