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Why is fulfilmentcrowd so different?

The fulfilmentcrowd sharing model

A truly unique model that is actually unique.

Quite simply, rather than building new warehouses whenever we need more space, we use space that already exists but isn't being used. 

This allows us to rapidly increase our capacity, making us the only fulfilment provider in the world with unlimited space, allowing us to:

  • Reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Provide jobs for those who may otherwise lose them. 
  • Profitably provide services to start-ups and smaller retailers. 
  • Meet the ever growing storage requirements of larger retailers.

With partners around the world, we continue to  make use of underutilised space and would-be redundant resources to create something very special.

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IRL Digital

Martyn Lester

“We work with influencers to monetise their personal brand through social networks. With fulfilmentcrowd, we can quickly spool up new Shopify websites and sell through stock with complete confidence in our customer experience”

But what makes fulfilmentcrowd better at fulfilment?

Our model..... again...

All fulfilment providers largely do the same thing. They get boxes in through one door, move them about a bit then send the contents out another door. Not too tricky right?

Our model means that we have absolutely no limitations when it comes to storage capacity. As such, we're not precious as to who occupies the space we have and can therefore offer our services to all retailers, no matter how large or small they may be.

This is detailed further in the FAQ's below.


  • So what's the model again and why is it more sustainable?
  • I'm an established retailer, shipping hundreds of orders a day, am I "too big" for fulfilment or for the fulfilmentcrowd model?
  • I'm a start-up or in the early stages of growth, am I "too small" for fulfilmentcrowd
  • What sectors do fulfilmentcrowd provide fulfilment services for in the UK?
  • What channels and marketplaces does the fulfilmentcrowd platform support?
  • Do fulfilmentcrowd offer any specialist or custom fulfilment services?
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