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Lorax Project. Creating a sustainable future for eCommerce.

The harmful impacts of eCommerce, such as plastic waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are driving a major change in consumer behaviour. Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we are meeting this challenge head on, with sustainable logistics solutions including eco-friendly shipping, biodegradable packaging and a zero waste policy.

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Reduce carbon footprint

A unique stock model and low-emission carriers combine to slash your CO2 emissions.

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Gain competitive advantage

50% of online consumers say that environmental concerns shape their purchasing decisions.

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Eradicate your plastic waste

Convert to 100% plastic-free shipping with our biodegradable packaging options.

Saving 176 tonnes in CO2 emissions

Our warehouses are LED-lit and powered from 100% renewable energy. This allows us to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, saving the equivalent weight of 29 elephants in CO2 emissions.

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Clean objectives

As a responsible business and employer, it is not acceptable to sacrifice our environment in the pursuit of growth. Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. We’re confident that our Lorax Project will deliver huge benefits to all stakeholders and, of course, the planet.

By placing sustainability first and central to our future, we aim to create a shift-change in the way that online retailers, service providers and consumers view their responsibilities to the environment. Our progress can be tracked across six key initiatives.

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Waste Management

Waste Management

Low Emission Delivery

Low Emission Delivery

The Community

The Community

Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging

Sustainable By Design

Sustainable By Design

Energy consumption

We're commited to reducing our energy consumption wherever possible, investing in low consumption heating and lighting across our growing network of fulfilment partners. Our warehouses are now 100% LED-lit and powered by renewable energy sources. This, combined with good housekeeping, allows us to reduce our electricity consumption by 50%.

Waste management

Our mobile picking devices, waste management and recycling initiatives digitise all internal processes to minimise the use of paper, board and other consumables from our office and centres. 

Low emission & electric delivery

Our integrated carriers DPD and Royal Mail combine to form the largest all-electric delivery fleet in the UK, making clean, emission-free shipping a reality for fulfilmentcrowd customers. We provide these sustainable delivery options from our network of centres for super competitive prices.

Crowd communities

The Lorax team within our crowdcommunities incorporate sustainability into all working practices. From EV charging stations, a car-sharing system and home-working to social events like Vegan Wednesdays and a tree planting sheme, our people are empowered to offset their carbon footprint and reduce waste whenever possible.

Biodegradable packaging

We're working to eliminate all plastic consumption from the fulfilment process by 2021, offering sustainable alternatives to all current stock packaging products. Our environmentally-friendly materials include biodegradable mailers and pallet wrap, recyclable boxes, sustainable void fill and more.

Sustainable by design

We actively encourage the online retailers we work with to adopt a ‘sustainability by design’ ethos, incorporating ethical sourcing and end-of-lifecycle biodegradability into every product. We communicate our Sustainability Policy to new customers and advise clients to consider the environmental responsibility behind all business choices.

Partnering with electric delivery fleets

As part of our Lorax project, fulfilmentcrowd's integrated network consists of the most sustainable carriers. Deliver your products through a clean, emission free solution and the UK's largest solar-powered electric fleet.

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Our case studies

We’re constantly inspired by the customers that align with our vision and values. Read more about the online retailers who are building sustainability into their products and business model in our latest success stories.

Sucker Straws

SuckerStraws are reusable metal straws for bars and restaurants. "fulfilmentcrowd’s sustainable distribution model with low emission shipping aligns with our values."

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Eco luggage brand for the modern traveller. "We feel there is a real synergy with our partnership with fulfilmentcrowd, giving us confidence that they are the right provider to partner with long term".

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12 tonnes of plastic waste saved

We provide biodegradable and sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic mailer bags, void fill and seals. Switching hundreds of thousands of parcels to environmentally-friendly packaging annually creates positive impact on a global scale.

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