Dangerous Goods Shipping and Delivery

Products such as batteries, aerosols, fragrances and cosmetics are classed as dangerous goods, requiring specialist handling and storage.

Our Matrix Point facility is our centre of excellence for fulfilment of orders that may contain dangerous goods. With a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor ('DGSA') on-site at all times, we ensure that parcels are correctly prepared for transit before dispatch by land, sea or air.

Getting to grips

Our proven onboarding and account management processes are co-ordinated by your dedicated Fulfilment Expert who ensures that any items categorised as Dangerous Goods are located in the correct centre within our network. They will also configure the fulfilmentcrowd platform to ensure orders are shipped in accordance with the appropriate dispatch workflow. Once items have been picked, they are routed to specialist operatives who are fully trained to pack and prepare a parcel to comply with regulations. Our DGSA has oversight of this process and will approve the release of goods to our carriers as a final check.

A trusted fulfilment process

fulfilmentcrowd centres operate a paperless fulfilment process. This innovative approach involves the use of hand-held scanning devices, integrated with our software platform to update stock and order status in real-time. Validating the entire fulfilment process ensures that picking and stock discrepancies are reduced to less than 0.05%. Intelligent technology and applied management science has virtually eliminated human error. Our packaging range has been developed to accommodate the requirements of dangerous goods delivery. By both road and air, items are packed in our sturdy boxes with void fill and wrap to withstand a drop and stack test.

Dispatch by ground or air

Aside from our software platform, we follow rigorous external guidelines when preparing and  delivering dangerous goods to your customers. Each shipment is checked to ensure it is compliant with the designated UN Model Regulations or ‘Limited Quantity’ and can be delivered to its destination without hindrance. Shipments by road follow a ruling known as International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (‘ADR’) whilst air transit is regulated by International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards, following specific weight, dimensional and labelling directions.

"The software technology from fulfilmentcrowd was way ahead of anything else we looked at. I was also impressed with the company’s modern warehouse facilities and professional approach."

Robbie Kazanjian, Steeda UK

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