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Shining a light on USA fulfilment

It's not all smoke and mirrors. Here's a simple breakdown of the key steps needed to outsource from our modern American fulfilment centres. Is your eCommerce business ready?


Incorporate your company

First, you need to register as a foreign for-profit corporation to trade in the USA. The specific document you need to submit depends on the state in which your fulfilment centre is based. Our centres are in California and Virginia.


"fulfilmentcrowd has allowed us to grow our sales in the US by over 285% in 9 months by reducing our lead-times from over 3 weeks, to on average 3 days."

John Greenhalgh, A Year Of Dates
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File for 'collect and remit' tax

As an equivalent to the UK's national VAT Regulations, in the USA, there are two types of 'Nexus' needed for each state that you either store and trade within. A 'sales tax nexus' results from holding inventory in a certain state, while an 'economic nexus' refers to the revenue generated from a certain state.

Location (10) A different rule for
each state
Women Collect sales tax from
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money Pass the payment
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The seller's guide to tax compliance

Choose from our USA centres

Simply select which of our US-based centres works best for you and your customers. From Los Angeles, West Coast to Virginia, East Coast, your customers are guaranteed speedy, low cost shipping across the whole of North America.


"We have grown our business thanks to fulfilmentcrowd's quick response to issues and great support when needed. We feel as though they are part of our team."

Erika Tamayo, HERMOSA

Why break into America?

Create the time and energy to focus on the tasks that excite you. From storage to delivery, every stage of the fulfilment process is automated and visible within the fulfilmentcrowd app.

Improve Product Quality

Scale your brand faster

Take your slice of the pie in an eCommerce market worth $843 billion. By expanding into the US, you'll supercharge the growth of your business.
Save on shipping costs

Save on shipping costs

By locating stock closer to your US-based customers, you'll trade expensive international shipping for cost effective domestic delivery.
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Impress your customers

Flexible storage and no contracts or minimums means we can handle rapidly increasing order volumes and satisfy your customers every time.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the capacity, location and capabilities of our American centres to see which would be the perfect fit for you.

Launching low-cost order fulfilment on the East Coast, USA

Sandston is the second site to be launched in the USA following the opening of our West Coast fulfillment center in LA back in 2019. Now providing you with access to cheaper and faster shipping rates to your customers across the Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, East, North and South-Central states of the United States.

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Launching stateside with our new brand new fulfillment center

We now offer in-country storage and next day shipping into the USA, with the launch of our latest partner centre in Los Angeles. Furthering our international expansion and joining our global locations in Germany and Holland, our modern 20,000 ft² facility is strategically located on the City of Industry in California and within easy reach of west coast air, road and sea.

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Get in touch with our helpful team

Introduce us to your eCommerce business and discuss your fulfilment needs in more detail. We'd love to help!