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Business intelligence

Access to accurate and timely reporting is essential for any business. Our software encompasses user-friendly reports for analysing everything from sales, carrier and supplier performance, to procedural reports, returns information and marketing analysis.

Sales analysis

You can break down sales by customer, promotion, campaign, product, range of products, country and more. As our platform incorporates both sales and purchasing information, all sales reports include accurate cost and margin analysis, giving you better visibility and more control.

Procedural reporting

Procedural reports allow you to quickly analyse information on other areas of the system - such as stock valuation, products on back order, returns analysis, supplier performance and much more.

Data warehousing and analysis services

If you are a larger business or you require complex analysis and reporting, we can help you with the creation and management of data warehouses, allowing you to transform your data as and how you wish. Such data warehouses can then be used with SQL Analysis Services to deliver in-depth reporting and analysis.

Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI dashboard reporting tool allows anyone with a little SQL knowledge to quickly create stunning and powerful dashboard-style reports. We have a suite of Power BI reports available for sales and procedural reporting and analysis.

Marketing insight

Our search and segmentation tool allows you to easily construct selections on the customer database for highly targeted campaigns - e.g. to find all customers who had previously purchased product X, spent more than Y, and not bought for over 6 months.

The complimentary RFMA (Recency, Frequency, Monetary, Activity) profiling system scores individual contacts and customers based on their spend, recency and frequency of purchase.

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"Management information provided by the platform enables us to react faster and make educated decisions."

Colin Christie, Managing Director of Christie’s Direct

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