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Warehouse management and stock control

The location and movement of products is Intelligently managed across the fulfilmentcrowd network. Each centre is configured to handle bulk and fast-moving items in picking slots, all managed using mobile scanning devices.

Receiving deliveries

Efficient receipting of deliveries starts with the operation of a booking system to minimise backlogs. Using handheld scanners the warehouse operative would identify the supplier from consignee paperwork and process associated purchase orders within seconds. This enables the implementation of a service level to ensure correct prioritisation and completion of the goods in process within, say, eight working hours. Our platform includes a suite of performance dashboards to disseminate critical data across the business.

Receiving deliveries

Purchase order reconciliation

Once a delivery has been registered, the service level takes effect and the operative must then start matching item quantities to both purchaes order and supplier paperwork. Our mobile warehouse technology enables the full or partial receipting of a delivery, so a large consignment can be worked on by multiple operatives, all of whom are scanning items and isolating those that are non-compliant. Once scanned, the software automatically reconciles quantities against purchase orders and releases stock for the putaway or stowage process.

Purchase order reconciliation

Stock put-away

The receipting, reconciliation and putaway processes can be demarcated to optimise efficiency in high-volume warehouses. Once stock has been inspected, counted and released for putaway, our software intelligently allocates it to the most appropriate warehouse location, based on volume, sales forecast, open orders and available space. Not only does this eliminate errors but also ensures that stock is optimally located for picking, which accelerates the fulfilment process. Stock held in bulk locations is cycled through the warehouse as demand dictates with replenishment instructions automatically sent to handheld devices.

Stock put-away


Stock-taking or inventory checking is a critical element of any warehouse management strategy. However, performing full warehouse shut-downs or simpler perpetual checks have an inevitable impact on throughput. Our software addresses this requirement by cleverly merging counts with the picking process. Dependent on volume, picking operatives are asked to confirm stock quantities in a bin on a One-in-Nth basis. Once the count has been completed, any positive and negative adjustments will be created for a supervisor to investigate and authorise.



Replenishment is the process of moving items from one location to another. Our software uses algorithms to constantly move stock through the warehouse from bulk to pick locations and even within the picking bins, where consolidation or movement to a faster-moving area improves productivity. Replenishment instructions are pushed to operatives working in the aisles via handheld devices and may be proactive based on forecasted activity or reactive to demand. Either way, the whole process is geared to ensuring dispatch service levels are consistently met.


Mobile warehousing software

Our mobile warehousing software will transform the performance of your business, reducing costs and dramatically increasing the speed of order dispatch. Every fulfilment task from goods receipting, put-away and picking, to replenishment, stock take and adjustments is managed at source on handheld devices. Barcode validation at location and product level instills near-100% accuracy. Furthermore, the core platform is perpetually issuing tasks in logical sequence, ensuring warehouse operatives are always productive and measurable.  

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Mobile warehousing software

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