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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Cheque register

Keeping a Check on your Cheques.

Within a Business to Business environmnent the use of Cheques for payments and refunds is still prevalent. Our software's Cheque Register functionality keeps track of every cheque used, the system will verify cheque numbers that are entered manually on to Purchase Ledger Payments, or Sales Ledger Refunds.  Cheque Register will also automatically generate cheque numbers when running Batch Remittances.

Our 'Cheque Register' allows for the use of multiple bank accounts to register cheques againsts

Following a simple two step wizard the use can generate cheques within a range for the chosen bank account.

Once the Cheque number range has been generated then the software's system can easily verify and inform the user of incorrectly entered cheque numbers.

Our Cheque Register provides the end user with a useful level of security, and can show the user at any time full details of each cheque issued so far, as well as mark damaged cheques as spoilt as per the example below.

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