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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Multiple currency

Our software is capable of running multiple currencies across both the Sales and Purchase work flows.

As more consumers and suppliers are searching farther afield for their products and services, it is simply a "must" to be able to place orders, take payments and make payments in multiple currencies. Our software is truly multi currency, with the option to run one system with multiple base currencies, thus allowing for reporting to be in multiple currencies also. allows transactions to be created/entered in multiple currencies.

Multiple Currency setup in our system consists of just two simple steps. The first step is to define the currency code as per the screen shot below.

Mutli Currency

The second step defines the Currency Rates (also known as Exchange Rates) that are applicable to this currency.

 Mutli Currency

Every time a user wishes to change the exchange rate they simply add a new entry. This allows a history of previous currency rates to be maintained so that transactions taken using previous rates are not changed in value by the currency fluctuation.

Mutli Currency

Our software system allows different currencies to be used across the transaction work flows. The currency for a particular customer or supplier is held against the Account Agreement attached to their Address record and is then applied as a conversion from the base currency within the system so that product prices are calculated on the fly with the most up to date exchange rate for that currency. Click here for more information on Account Agreements.

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