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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Nominal enquiry

Companies should regularly reconcile Nominal Accounts to ensure that all transactions created from activities sales, purchase, cashbook & journal entries are correctly represented in the Nominal Ledger. As a standard feature, the system offers the end user an on-screen Nominal Enquiry, with 'drill-down' functionality all the way through to the transaction nominal postings.

The Nominal Enquiry uses Transactional Reporting Templates which are discussed further in the Reporting section of our software's product catalgue.

Simply put, the Nominal Enquiry standard template allows the end user to specify a range of criteria, for which to run their enquiry. The default template has been designed to cover most popular requirements for performing enquiries. As per the screen shot below then user can specify the following:

  • Nominal Account (a range can be selected and unwanted Accounts can be removed in the Nominal Figures step detailed below)
  • Start/Finish Account Period
  • Start/Finish Transaction Date
  • If required; the user can add more workflows.

Journal Debits and Credits

Journal Debits and Credits

Should the user wish to view the transactions which make up the figures within the Nominal Figures summary step, then a simple double click on the selected Nominal Account transaction figures line will open up a new pop up box which contains the transactions.

Journal Debits and Credits

An incredibly useful function of our software's Nominal Enquiry features next where the user can select a transaction, hit the "View Nominal" icon highlied in the screen shot above. This allows the user to drill down into the nominal postings of the account transaction itself, making the job of reconciling transactions with discrepansies a great deal easier.

Journal Debits and Credits

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