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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Nominal reporting

The Nominal Reporting uses templates. (Templates for Reporting are detailed further in the Transaction Reporting section of the Product Catalogue). The default template has been designed to cover most popular requirements for performing enquiries.  As per the screen shot below the user can specify the following:

  • Nominal Group (the user can choose a group type such as Fixed Assets)
  • Nominal Account (a range can be selected and unwanted Accounts can be removed in the Nominal Figures step detailed below)
  • Start/Finish Account Period
  • Start/Finish Transaction Date
  • If required, the user can specify certain work flows, i.e. only include Sales Transactions etc.

 Nominal Reporting

 The next step provides a Nominal Figures summary, the user can drill into these figures in the same way that the Nominal Enquiry Nominal Figures step allows.

Nominal Reporting

The end user is able to remove any entry they wish from this screen if required before moving to the next step of Nominal Reporting.  The standard system offers the following reporting options:

  • Detailed Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance
  • Nominal Transaction Listing

Nominal Reporting

Just simply tick the check box for the report you require, examples of each of the standard reports are shown below:

Detailed and Brief Trial Balance Reports;

The Trial balance report is a list of all the nominal ledger accounts contained within in the ledger. This example is just a small selection of nominal accounts, the debit balance value or a credit value balance are listed in their appropriately named columns.

Nominal Reporting

Nominal Reporting

Nominal Transaction Listing

The system's Nominal Transaction Listing lists each transaction entered via the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers. Its is sub totalled by Nominal Account for ease of use.

Nominal Reporting

All the reports can be saved from the "On-screen" view into several options by clicking the save icon and choosing the preferred format in which you may want to manipulate the data further.

Nominal Reporting

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