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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Purchase ledger aged creditor reporting

Purchase Aged Creditor Reporting is available in a Brief or Detailed Format.

In a Business to Business environment your suppliers are your creditors. The goods and services they provide usually require settlement within a certain time, 31 days being a typical period. Invoices not settled within this period of time remain outstanding on the system. Our system enables you to get a brief or fully detailed view of your creditors within any time frame. The Aged Creditor Reporting option will provide you all the information you require such as; to whom you owe money, how much you owe, and how old the outstanding transactions are.

The Aged Creditor Reporting option can be run very simply with just a few steps to complete. The first step to this process is to select a pre-defined template, the standard system allows you to setup multiple pre-defined templates; such as Aged Creditor Reports based on different time frames. In the example below the standard Aged Creditors Report template has been selected.

Aged Creditor Reporting

Once the user has selected the template, they will be able to amend any of the predefined criteria in order to produce a list / summary of creditors. Within the reporting step there are useful options such as the check box to only include transactions that are eligible for discount to allow the user to ensure they can gain the maximum discounts for early settlement for their company. The screen shot below shows that in this example, only Creditors that are due to paid by a specific date should be found.

Aged Creditor Reporting - Criteria Definition

Based on the criteria entered in the previous step, the user moves onto the Purchase Account Reporting Summary step. Our software produces a list of accounts that meet that criteria and displays them as a creditors report to screen, including total amount owed and age of debt.

Once the list has been produced, then the user can review each account in turn without having to navigate away from this screen. To view the transactions that make up the value on the account the user can can double click on the highlighted Supplier and this will breakdown into the transactions.

Aged Creditor Reporting - Transaction drill down

The next step is to highlight the desired Aged Credit Listing, then click on the Reports option on the toolbar.

 Aged Creditor Reporting - Report Selection

The standard system offers two reporting options; Brief Aged Creditor Report and a Detailed Aged Creditor Report. The reports will pull through the details define within the criteria of the highlighted listing. In the example below the Detailed Report is shown.

Aged Creditor Reporting - Report to Screen

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