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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Purchase ledger transactions

The Purchase Ledger Transaction Entry allows Invoices, Credits, Payments, Refunds, Journal Debits / Credits and Discounts to created against an account.

Most Purchase Ledger Transactions are created automatically via the Purchase Order Processing Workflow, as per the Purchase Order Processing document of the product catalogue. In a Business to Business environment it is often necessary to create transactions directly on to the Purchase Ledger. These can be for ad-hoc Purchase Invoices, adjustments to accounts or perhaps the entry of a payment made to a supplier. This is all done through the Transaction entry system.

The screen shot below shows a typical Purchase Ledger Invoice Transaction:

Purchase Ledger Invoice

As Transactions are entered the user will be able to enter the following:

  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Vat Rate
  • Settlement Terms
  • Transaction Date
  • Payment Due Date (Where applicable)
  • Account Period
  • Alternative References
  • Text for Comments
  • Nett, Vat and Gross Value
  • Nominal Ledger Breakdowns
  • Vat Breakdown

The Nominal Ledger breakdown will be defaulted automatically according to preset rules, but the user will be able to override this.

The following screen shot shows a similar entry screen for Purchase Ledger payments.

Purchase Ledger Payment

As payments are saved, the Transaction Payment Allocation screen will automatically be launched, this is detailed further in the Account Enquiry and Payment Allocation Catalogue document.

Account Enquiry Payment Allocation

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