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Financial software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Sales ledger account enquiry

Account Enquiry and Payment Allocation

The Sales Ledger Account Enquiry gives the user an overview of the customers account balance and outstanding / historical transactions.

The Account Enquiry functionality allows the user to review a customers account, enter and allocate payments and shoot through to the linked order on the Sales Order Processing Workflow, in order to see product details etc.

Account Enquiry

The screen shot below shows a simple Account Enquiry view, for an account with a number of outstanding Invoices, totalling £672.75. The Age By Days column gives a breakdown of the age of the debt.

Account Enquiry

Payment Entry

Payments can be created in an ad-hoc manner from the Account Enquiry.

Account Enquiry Payment Entry

Payment Allocation

As the payment is saved, the Allocation program will be automatically launched. The allocation program will display to the user all transactions on the account which are awaiting payment. The user can select which transactions they would like to allocate, along with the relevant allocation value.

Account Enquiry Payment Allocation

Once the Allocation has been completed, the Account Enquiry is refreshed. The user can view allocations by clicking the View Allocations button in the toolbar. In the screen shot below, you will see that the £100 payment has been allocated to the oldest invoice, leaving an outstanding balance of £26.50.

Account Enquiry View Allocations

Reversing Payment Allocations

Should the user have allocated transactions incorrectly, they can easily reverse the allocations via the View Allocations popup. The system will keep a full history of all allocations and reversals, allowing an Aged Debtors report to be run as at a certain period of time.

Account Enquiry Reverse Allocations

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