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Order management & CRM features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Contact management

For handling Business to Business Sales, our software system allows unlimited contact management.

Contact Entry

The Contact Management system forms part of the Address Wizard and can be accessed at any time via the Activities System. Any number of contacts can be stored against an address and contacts can be assigned Job Titles and other Catogories to make contact management easier for your users.

The Job Titles are user definable and as such can be added to or ammended at any time. The Contact Name field is entered as a full name, for example "Mr Joseph Henry Bloggs III". This is then broken down into a Title, First Name, Middle Names, Surname and Suffix. The sex of the contact is intelligently determined by the title.  

Contact Management

Communication Types

By default, the software's Contact Entry system will allow the user to capture the following methods of communication:

  • Work Telephone
  • Fax Number
  • Mobile Telephone
  • Email Address
  • Web Address

These "Communication Types" are user definable and can therefore be editted or appended too at any time. Formatting and verification can also be added to ensure that the communication types are entered correctly. It is also possible to store Mailing Preferences against each of the Communication type for use in future campaings.


Departments are used to determine the best contact to use for each department within your organisation. For example, your sales department may use a different contact to your accounts department. It is possible to store multiple contacts against a department. When this is the case the user will be able to define a sort order to which will bee used by the system to determine the best contact to use. Departments are user definable and can be added too or ammended as required.

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