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Order management & CRM features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

CRM activity centre

Our Customer Relationship Management software interface has been specifically constructed to present information that is 'relevant to task'.

This intuitive approach means customer service operatives are able to build a profile of the customer within seconds and, importantly, execute any task without delay. Typical tasks include: creating a quotation, entering a mail order, handling a mail order or eCommerce order enquiry, managing a return or detailing a greivance.

Activity Container

The Activity Container is a central dashboard that can perform multiple functions and is generally used by Customer Service Departments.

A comprehensive address search allows the Customer Services Representative, to bring up the customers details using any number of different search criteria, for example; Post Code, Name, Organisation Name, Telehpone Number, Email address etc.

Activities Search

Also available as standard on the Acitivity Container to the right hand side is a tabbed area which includes Details, Contact Details and  RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) information for the specific customer highlighted.

Should the Customer Services Representative need to create a new address, i.e. where the customer has not previously purchased, they are able to do so easily from this area of the system.

Once a Customer has been found / created, the user will be able to launch the Activity Container. The Activity Container will allow the user to view all details relating to the address they have found. From this area of the system, the user can update Address Details, Address Notes and Account Information. Using the pre-identifies tabs, the user will also be able to instantly enquire on orders, handle account enquiries and manage returns and replacements.


Reports can also be embedded into the Activity container. As standard a report is included which details the customers spending trends.

Activities Sales Summary

As well as enquiring on orders and updating address information, the user is also able to use "Activity Types" to perform different actions. For example raising a new Sales Order or Creating an ad-hoc email. As an Activity Type is performed, a new tab is opened within the Activity Container. This allows multiple concurrent tasks to be performed for the specific customer, within a single Activity Container, minimising the need for multiple pop up's. Similarly, multiple Activity Containers can be launched concurrently. This is the perfect mechanism for handling a busy customer services department, where several customers and several different actions against each of these customers can be performed at the same time.

Activities Multiple Containers

Standard Activity types include a Customer Service Enquiry which enables a Customer Service Represenative to record an enquiry against a customer which can be assigned to another colleague to follow up.

The Customer Services Representatives can then access the Customer Services Container and click the "My Responsibilities" icon which will find all Customer Enquiries that have been assigned to him/her.

Once the enquiry has been loaded the Customer Service Representative can access the enquiry, review and respond to the customer via email on the communications step on the enquiry.

Microsoft Email Exchange is available as an additional module in our software and greatly enhances the Customer Services  functionality, by recognising who the customer is based on their email address and if the order reference they are enquiring about is in the subject of the email it will automatically allow the Customer Service Representative to drill straight through to the customers order straight from the email. From here they can even respond to the customer by sending them an email via the order meaning they never even have to leave Customer Services container to access Microsoft outlook. 

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