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Order management & CRM features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Picking / dispatch note production

As standard on the Pro system, the Picking Note and Dispatch Note are produced as a single document. Where required, this document will print Component Products and other Picking information such as Bin Locations.

Where all the details of an order are correct, i.e. where there is sufficient stock, no credit problems etc, the system will move the order into the Picking Process. As standard, orders in the Picking Process will produce a Picking / Dispatch Note per order. This document will display details relating to the order along with a barcode which can later be used during the Dispatch Confirmation process.

You will notice on the example, that all the esential information is present, such as Customer / Delivery Address etc. The document also displays 'Additional Information' which could be used for special deliver Instructions, or picking instructions. The document detail 3 items, one of whcih (the Half Moon Table) is a Bill Of Materials item. The Half Moon Table example has a 2 level Bill of Material, i.e. the table is made up of a Table Top, Table Legs, Castors and Fittings. Fittings are made up of Nuts, Bolts and Washers. The document also prints out bin locations which are used during the picking process.

This document will normally print Vat Inclusive Prices, but for Trade Accounts the document will print vat exclusive prices and will also include a Vat breakdown. An example of a trade document can be found at:

Advanced Picking

The Picking Process is infinitely customisable. Where multiple stock locations are created, the system can utilise multi location stock allocation. This can therefore allow picking notes to show the exact location from where to pick the stock. Bulk Picking lists can be run to allow multiple orders to be picked at the same time.

Picking can be staged to ensure that orders which require stock from Bulk Locations are held back until a Replenishment is carried out, ensuring that picking notes are only produced for those orders which can actually be picked. Picking runs can also be customised to allow for Single Item Picking, Next Day Deliveries, Order Value Picking etc.

Where multiple picking locations are indentified and used correctly, walk sorted bulk picking notes can be produced, Trolley Slot Picking systems can be implemented and our PDA Based Picking system can be introduced. All by way of Change Request.

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