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Order management & CRM features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Sales level break price variances

Our software offers a wide range of Product Pricing mechanisms which will ensure that even the most complex of pricing requirements can be accommodated. Level Break Price Variances, can be used to offer discounts to those customers who buy in bulk.

It is often necessary to offer different prices for a particular customer or group of customers. It is also occasionally a requirement to offer a discount on items where the customer has purchased in bulk. This method of pricing and price discounting can be achieved by using the Price Variance system.

Variances can be created for specific currencies and can be set to apply between certain date ranges.


It is possible to configure Price Variances depending on a Product Group, a specific Product or a specific customer. Price Variances can be either a Fixed Price or a percentage or value variance on the original price. In the example above a price variance has been created which will give a 5% to anyone who purchases 10 - 19  items from the Accessories group, and a 10% discount to anyone who purchases more than 20 items from the Accessories group.

As an order line is created, where Price Variances are found they will be automatically be applied. Also, a small icon is shown which will allow the user to view all available price variances, thus allowing them to inform the customer that by increasing the quantity of an order, they can obtain a better price / discount. In the screen shot below, a line has been entered for 15 of a particular product from Accessories group. A discount of 5% has automatically been applied. The icon allowing the user to view the other price variances is circled.

Price Variances

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