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Order management & CRM features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Special Order Management

Most Sales Order Processing systems are designed to handle 95% of your orders. 3EX.NET Sales Order Processing workflow management, ensures the other 5% are properly managed as well.

The overriding principle of the Sales Order Processing system is to ensure that any orders which can be picked and dispatched without further scrutiny are allowed to process through the system and indeed through your business as quickly as possible. Where orders require special attention, the system will ensure that they are moved to a relevant area of the system where they can be easily picked up by your users. As an example of this, any orders taken on the back office or eCommerce platform, which are deemed by the system to have credit problems, will be picked up and moved to a "Held For Credit / Order Vetting" area or "Stage". This stage can then be easily administered by one of your users or intelligently handled by the system, should a certain logic be applied.

Another example of the way in which the system uses pre-defined logic to handle the management of your orders is the way in which Back Orders are handled. By default, as an order is placed, if an item on the order has insufficient stock, the item will be automatically moved to a Back Order stage, whilst the remainder of the items are dispatched as quickly as possible. This means that your warehouse team are never asked to pick items which you do not have in stock. This logic can easily be changed to prevent items being dispatch, unless the entire order is available, or alternatively logic could be added which prevented part shipment of orders, unless the order had been at the back order stage for more than x days. Ultimately, as items are receipted into stock, the system automatically allocates the stock on an "oldest order first" basis and then releases the remaining items for picking and dispatch.

All of the above is achieved by using user definable rules and logic which can be built to acheive pretty much anything.

The Logic Builder

The Logic Builder allows the user to create a predefined search, which can then be used to find orders or items which require special attention. The order / item can then be processed to a specific stage, or used to derive additional transactions. The logic builder allows searches to be used on any information linked to the Order, the Customer or the Product.

In the example screen shot below, a search has been created which will find any orders for Pro-Forma customers where the total order value is greater than £1000, or where the total number of items is greater than 10, or where they are purchasing a Plasma TV.  Any orders found which match this criteria, can then be moved to the Order Vetting stage. The fields available on the logic builder are entirely user definable.

Logic Builder

Search and Process Rules

Searches can then be used to control the flow of orders through your busienss. For example, by default on the Pro Package, the system will do the following, once an order has been created:

  • Process any orders which have credit problems (i.e.over a credit limit, or with invalid Credit Card details) to a Held For Credit stage.
  • Process any items which are flagged as Drop Ship to a Drop Ship Sales Order Stage.
  • Derive a Drop Ship Purchase Order
  • Process any items which have insufficient stock to a Back Order stage.
  • Process any items which have sufficient stock and on which there are deemed to be no credit problems to the Picking stage.

The above processes are performed by the System Job Executor. This is an automated scheduling system which run the processes on a regular basis during the day. The screenshot below shows the typical processes run by the system throughout the day.

Job Manager

Job can be set to run either continuously or at specific times of the day / week / month / year etc. Using stages, logical process rules and jobs in this way allows the system to reflect the processes undertaken by your business ensureing you can maximise your efficiency.

Volume Processing

It is not unusual for many businesses, particularly those with seasonal products, to have large numbers of back orders. The way in which the 3EX.NET Sales Order Processing workflow has been designed ensures that large volumes can easily be handled. By performing searches on all orders at your back order stage and only attempting to process those orders which match the result of the search, the system ensures that processor power is not wasted attempting and failing to process those orders which cannot yet be dispatched. The 3EX.NET system has been proven to handle the processing of 10's of thousands of orders a day, in a live business environment on minimal hardware. This processing power is scalable to much larger volumes by adding multiple disk arrays and load balanced web service boxes.

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