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We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Daily sales (in) report

Monitor your Daily Sales with ease.

Our software's standard Daily Sales (In) Report provides the end user with a high level view of the Sales In* against each Store on the system for the date specified.  (The standard system by default contains only one store, should you require multiple stores then a Change Request can be raised for your system to be modified). The report also has the added advantage of displaying a Week-To-Date figure. (The default display shows the sum of the Sales In from the Monday of the current week to the date specified.)  The report allows the end user to drill down into the summary per Store to see the individual Transactions which made up the daily/week-to-date figures. For ease the transactions are grouped by date and sorted by ascending Reference. 

In addition the report will also highlight any transactions for which a cost was not found and is subsequently highlighted in red text, indicating to the user that this particular Transaction will affect the total margin figures for the Store.  The weekly order count/order values are also broken down by Channel, allowing analysis of the orders by Channel.  As standard, the report offers;

  • Date selection: Run your report for any date you require

Daily Sales In

The report includes standard data columns; Daily Vat Ex Sales, Daily Cost of Sales, Daily Margin on Sales, Daily Profit Percentage on Sales, Daily Vat In Sales, Week To Date Vat Ex Sales, Week To Date Cost of Sales, Week To Date Margin on Sales, Week To Date Profit Percentage on Sales, Week To Date Vat In Sales. An example screen shot is provided above.

The standard report displays on screen and allows the end user to drill down into the summary per Store to see the individual Transactions which made up the daily/week-to-date figures. As with all of our software's standard reports, the data displayed on screen can then subsequently be exported to csv, pdf or excel format by simply clicking the save icon and choosing the preferred format.

* Sales In workflow stages are defined as standard (Back Order, Confirmed Sales Order, Dispatched/Invoiced, Drop Ship Sales Order, Forward Orders, Held for Credit / Order Vetting, In Packing Area, Invoice Drop Ship Order, Picking, Picking Discrepancy, Pre-Picking, Sales History, Sales Order Entry, Shop Pack, Shop Pick, Shop Pre Pick, Staff Sales Orders, Web Sales Orders)

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